A crisis can strike at any time in our lives and generally we are never prepared for it (otherwise it wouldn’t be a crisis!). Sergio and I want to share in this series how we managed to cope going through the biggest crisis that we ever experienced. We’ll start with the basics.

One of the first things to do when a crisis strikes your life is focus on the things that you DO have some control over. Taking care of your body during a crisis is paramount to having the energy to cope with whatever you are going through. There are three very basic parts to taking care of yourself: exercise, rest, and food.

Exercising will help you to get oxygen flowing into your blood stream which helps to eliminate toxins in your body (stress being a huge one). It releases endorphins which gives you energy. It can help clear the mind so that you can gain a different perspective. When a crisis first strikes, you may not have the energy for vigorous exercise so keep it simple. Taking a walk— especially if you can get out into nature—can be very soothing. Yoga is an excellent form of exercise. Besides increasing the blood circulation and the flexibility of your muscles, it helps you calm your mind. There are plenty of other forms of exercise that are beneficial so choose the one that feels best for you. You have control of your time so be sure to schedule it and stay committed to exercising, even if you don’t feel like it. You will most likely feel better afterwards. The most important thing is to do something physical within your capabilities.

Rest and sleep are just as important. Listen to your body so that you can give yourself what you need. When a crisis happens, it is natural to feel exhausted all the time. Our souls leave our bodies when we sleep and are able to reconnect to the Source energy. When going through something very traumatic, our bodies will often need more sleep, and that’s ok. It gives us a chance to rest and build up the energy we need to cope. There needs to be a good balance between the two, especially during a crisis. Be kind to yourself and listen to your body as to what it needs. For some people, sleep is very difficult. In that case, try to do a deep relaxation meditation. Melatonin is a natural supplement that can help you sleep. Magnesium has been known to help you be calm and taking Epsom salt baths are a great way to relax. A last resort is some sort of pharmaceutical sleeping pill but this is not something we would recommend unless it is impossible to sleep otherwise.

An easy technique that can help your body cope immediately with any stressful situation is breathing. This is particularly good if you have a difficult time in meditation too. Taking deep breaths and exhaling slowing is a natural way to calm the body and heart. Imagine breathing with the rhythm of the ocean. As you inhale, fill your entire diaphragm (your chest down to stomach) and exhale slowly making sure to empty the diaphragm completely. Count to 5 with each inhalation and exhalation and try to do this several times a day.

This goes hand in hand with exercise and rest. Eating properly is essential and vital for you in a trying time. Be sure to get lots of pure and natural foods, fruits and vegetables and avoid processed, sugary foods as much as possible. A healthy diet will help you maintain the energy you need. If you turn to alcohol, drugs, sugar, or any other substance, you will make it tougher for yourself to cope with the difficult circumstances. Why make it harder for yourself? Extreme stress wrecks havoc with your nervous system and it’s important to try to balance that out. Eating healthy foods helps keep your weakened immune system strong and replaces nutrients that are quickly burned up in stressful situations.

Also, very important is water, water and more water. Drink lots of water to hydrate your body. Adult bodies are 70% water and drinking a lot helps to keep you healthy by cleansing out your system regularly. Bless the water you drink. I highly recommend reading The Hidden Messages of Water by Emoto Masuru and you will understand just how important water is in our lives. Giving your body the proper nutrition is just like putting the right kind of fuel into your car so it runs properly. It will help to keep you physically balanced during any tough time.

These tips are just to cover the very basics and what to work on when any crisis first strikes. There is often a feeling of powerlessness that comes with a crisis and these are some small ways that will help you feel you do have some control.

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