Get Connected!

When I talked about getting connected, I am coming from a place of higher spirituality, not religion. I respect and honor all religions and believe that the core message is the same for most of them, they just have different ways of expressing it that will resonate with some people and not with others. Therefore, to me, there are no right or wrong religions. It is a very subjective decision what is right for YOU. With that said, let me continue….Religions can give you a means to connect; however, keep in mind it is through the lens of mankind. Spirituality, on the other hand, is something we all have innately within us—it is that energy that gives us life.

Tapping into Source at any time

We all come from a higher source of energy and we can tap into that Source at any time. Whether it is through religion, spirituality, or nature, do whatever it takes for you to feel the presence of that higher energy. Prayers are a wonderful way to connect and put your needs “out there”. It is like picking up the phone and dialing in to Source.

Meditating is one method that allows you to receive messages back. Take time to meditate, quiet the mind so that you can receive guidance, inspiration and help. Prayers and meditating as the lines of communication to reach Source: prayers are to be heard and meditation is when you listen for the answers.

The Power of Visualization

Using our imagination, we have the most powerful way to create our lives—by making movies inside of our heads, or visualizing, we are programming how we want to live our lives. Visualize a better life, the circumstances that you would prefer to have. When you study and learn about the ways the Universe works, you can better understand how to tap into the infinite power that is available to us all.

There is unlimited help available!

I have personally felt my despair and hopelessness lifted out of my body when I could not take anymore. Working with angels resonated with me and I loved it. All mainstream religions acknowledge angels as messengers of a Divine force. I know that our angels are happy to help us…but we have to ask for their help. When you reach a point where you feel you just can’t handle it any more, pray for help! Ask your angels, guides, or higher Source for help and you will receive it. We are not taught about the unlimited help we have available to us and boy, can it make life easier!

There is so much we do not understand about the spiritual world: we have infinite resources we can tap into if we only ask! And there are many ways to receive that help. It’s up to you to take that action of asking for assistance and then allow it to come—for it may come in ways that you may not expect. Our higher helpers often work through others to give us messages, to help us through the tough times. Yet we miss so many signs because we are lost in our despair…we are disconnected.

Do whatever it takes!

Do whatever it takes for you to feel that connection because you will find your inner strength and courage much more easily. And you will find that life will flow smoother for you as well. When have you felt that connection and how has it made a difference in your life?

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Karin Volo is an expert in career and personal development, she's known as a Tough Transition Specialist and a Dream Life Mentor. Karin is the transformational author of the Bringing Joy series and one of the best selling authors of Turning Points. Her passion is enhancing peoples lives by inspiring and teaching strategies to thrive through tough times, live joyfully, and create their dream lives. Join her Inspiring Lives publication, full of inspiring stories and resources at