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Author, Jeff McMahon recently published this topic in Forbes. I agree with his assessment! I also agree with his findings:

"Most Americans believe climate change is real, but usually they want someone else to do something about it...namely, the government". What was always true is NOW ABUNDANTLY CLEAR... our government is NOT going to solve the problem of climate change...we are going to have to do it.

Fortunately there are many things we CAN DO! Here is a list of just 9 of them!

1. Become a vegetarian or better a VEGAN. Up to 51% of all carbon emissions are from the agricultural sector...Of this, meat and dairy comprise almost all of it..decide not to eat it...or give it up one day a week...if everyone did just this one day a week it would be the equivalent to not driving 91 billion miles!

2. Eat Organic! Synthetic fertilizers are byproducts of the oil company...when you buy regular produce you support the Big Oil Industry...

3. Buy Local! Minimizing transportation of goods, mitigates climate change.

4. Adjust climate only for extremes...I keep my home at approximately 65-67 degrees in winter and do not use AC except as my dog requires in summer... your body will adjust.

5. Eliminate clothes machine drying...saves a ton of energy and clothes last much longer, which means more climate savings!

6. Vote with your feet! The more pedestrians walking and biking the more transportation analysts will work to make these activities safe!

7. Raise children to be vegan and respectthe environment...each child causes a parent to abuse the environment 6 times...clearly this has to stop. Unless you don't care that they won't have a world to live in...

8. Reuse before recycling! Reducing and reusing is much cleaner than recycling because it doesn't involve transportation.

9. Calculate your carbon emissions and offet them! Go to

Next week we will discuss the rise in bladder cancer and how to avoid it!

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