"What would you rather believe?"
By Rosetta Black, Owner of Winning Changes

What if beliefs & memories weren't real but simply manifestations of the meaning we have given to a specific event or thing?

A good example might be food, for instance. When did you decide to like or dislike a certain food? I love pepperoni pizza. The first time I ate it, I was 12 at grand opening of our new drive-in movie. It tasted so good. I swear it was the best pizza I have ate to this day. Looking back there has been many pizzas that I am sure are much better than that pizza, but in my mind it is still the best ever. What meaning did I give that pizza to make it so good? Well, I was with family, so there was, love, good memories, a real special family time, as the drive-in just opened and I had never had pizza before that time. You may know that some people don't like pizza. My brother-in-law orders his without tomato sauce! Who can believe that? I know of another woman who hates cheese!! Especially melted cheese as it reminds her of glue. I wonder what was happening at the time they ate those items that gave them such a negative reaction. I imagine that there are food items you dislike and foods that you love. Search the meaning that you gave it at the time when "you fell in love with or out of love". I cannot eat pancakes & eggs together on the same plate. If I even see them together it makes me ill to think about it. I distinctly remember a slumber party and I woke up with the stomach flu. I was so nauseated that the very sight of what my friend's mom had cooked us for breakfast fried eggs pancakes with syrup on the same plate. Writing this, I am having an adverse reaction.

Since beliefs are not real but just an imagining of what they mean to us, memories also are not real. You can put 5 witnesses together from the same crime scene and each one will have a different description based on their past beliefs, experiences or "writing on their walls" as Gary Craig would say.

Memories feel real because when you remember an unpleasant even it can still cause the same reaction in your body. But, what if you could 'switch' that memory or neutralize the emotion behind it by methods such EFT-Emotional Freedom Techniques? Simply by tapping on the body's meridian points can settle these emotions and cause a cognitive shift in how we reframe it. Suddenly a traumatic experience can be told as if watching a movie. Anxiety can be eliminated and take away addictive behaviors.

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"What would you rather believe?"

Author's Bio: 

Rosetta Black, owner of Winning Changes Life Coaching Systems, is on a mission to help you to become everything you desire to be. A person who has "been there" challenges has included compulsive overeating and losing 75 lbs.

Overcoming smoking 2 packs a day 20 years ago. She has understanding and empathy for those who are trying so hard to rid themselves of blocks that get in the way. Helping others to overcome the challenges of compulsive overeating, addictions, emotional issues and anything in their way has become her passion.

With her unique methods, sessions are filled with compassion, hope, enthusiasm, support and best of all - works when nothing else will!