Theta Healing™ was founded by Vianna Stibal in 1995, when she was told that she had bone cancer and there was no cure for the type of cancer she had. This is when Vianna went up to Creator and asked for help because she believed she could be cured and knew she was not meant to die with three small children to take care of. The Creator instantly healed Vianna and told her to go out and teach this to the world. Vianna has been completely cured since then and been in fine health and travels the world teaching Theta Healing. Theta Healing™ is a meditation process that creates physical, psychological, and spiritual healing with focused prayer through the Creator of All That Is. The spiritual beliefs of individuals seeking Theta Healing™ are not a factor for healing to occur. The desire to change limiting beliefs or thought forms which no longer serve them facilitates the healing process.

Theta Healing™ involves a technique to reach the Theta Brainwave state through deep meditation. The process is simple and easy for any individual since the Theta brainwave state is accessible and a natural process of the mind and body. Through this process you connect with the seventh plane of existence where the Creator of All That Is resides and this is where you ask for the healing and then witness it taking place, which is part of the process. You can do this for yourself and others. The actual Theta Healing™ can be done in person or over distance. Theta Healing™ sessions are co-created with Divine Source/Creator and instant healing can take place. A person’s beliefs can be transformed on every level; physical, emotional, spiritual. Theta Healing classes are all done in person. The first Basic Theta healing class is a 3-day workshop. Most Theta Healing Classes are mostly interactional where you practice getting and receiving healing with others in the class.

With Theta you can be taught different feelings and also how to change limiting beliefs that are not serving your highest good. Teaching a person to live without fear on a daily basis can be life altering if the person has never lived without fear and doesn’t know how. Also, experiencing unconditional love or joy for the first time can be life changing if a person has never experienced this. Changing a core belief of “I’m not good enough” can also be life changing if a person has never felt “good enough” their whole life. By simply changing these limiting beliefs, a person’s whole life can turn around very quickly. Many limiting beliefs are behind many illnesses, and once the belief has changed the illness goes away.

When we can connect with Divine Source/God/Creator of all that is, and our brain waves go into theta brain state, this is the place where you can create anything or change or heal anything you want. You can literally change and re-write your feelings and beliefs to heal your body and world you live in. You can re-create every aspect of your life. You can heal resentments, regrets, guilt, sadness, a broken heart, physical issues, spiritual issues, and any number of emotional issues. From this Theta state and the connection to the Creator is where miraculous healing and miracles can take place.

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Suzanne is a Theta Healing Practitioner and Teacher, Reiki Master, Energy Healer, and has studied many other different alternative and spiritual techniques and modalities. She teaches in person Theta classes and offers many different distance courses and accredited programs she has written in energy work and Reiki through her website. For more information about Theta Healing, Please visit the founder's site at, or Suzanne's site at, or email Suzanne at