What is truth? Is it objective, subjective, all inclusive or mutually exclusive? Does it apply even when we deny it? Do we have the capacity to know it with our senses? Are we greater beings under limitations of modern science and spirituality?

How about cosmic truth? Are we alone or preparing for a family reunion? Treat this work as fiction and don’t believe a word as it is a delicate weave of direct experience and postulations at best.

I would like to explore and share some possibilities while including some relevant personal experiences. I’ll tell you right up front that you’re current view of reality may change as a result…for the better. My adoptive parents told me my IQ was off the scale as an elementary student, but not until my early 30s.

Maybe life would have been different had I really known. I became comfortable being a deep thinker with a somewhat brilliant mind. Now it often seems I know nothing and at times...

I was adopted by a wonderful couple who are still together after nearly 60 years (a feat in itself). My childhood was normal by most standards, although I found later that love and trust were not really that common in reality. That realization was minor, though, compared to a life-long experience of sensitivity to things beyond the normal standards.

By ‘sensitivity’ I mean esp, psychokinesis, telekinesis, out-of-body, contactee experiences and other-dimensional realities. Before I was even 10 years old I had out-of-body experiences and regular monthly excursions where I watched myself ascend into an orange cigar-shaped cloud.

I placed no importance on these excursions, just that I couldn't wait until the next one. I did not speak of them to my parents as I had an earlier experience invalidated.

As a teenager in my first year of college, I managed to test out of nearly 5 quarters through the College Level Examination Program. I’d also broken up with my high school sweetheart, but returned after my first quarter to ask her to marry me. Turned out she got swooped up by another and was already married.

Nevertheless, my heart was broken and I suffered greatly. So from that place of feeling lost, alone and afraid I offered the most fervent prayer - to know 'truth' and willing to die for it if necessary.

I wasn’t particularly religious, but I had a strong belief in things way outside the norm of human comprehension already.

Surprisingly, a few days later during a meditation after classes, a Voice I’d been familiar with for some years asked me if I was willing to die for what I believed in.

I was on the spot and in a split second acknowledged Christ and Cosmic Consciousness as my anchor and consequently found myself sort of sucked into the Light and then beyond, returning with a new found sense of faith, trust and allowance.

A New World Order would happen in my lifetime and I was going to be part of it! I knew what I was here to do and yet the 'how' has been a constant question since. Of course I shared the experience with my parents and their response was to immediately schedule me for psychological evaluation. They feared for me.

After several visits and deep discussion the psychiatrist, Dr. Abell revealed I was not crazy and had all the signs of a spiritual awakening, only he had no clue why I was going through it so young.

Evidently most people don’t go through it until their 40’s, if ever, according to his research. What else was amazing – this man of psychology and science also studied the esoteric arts and metaphysical worlds.

Quite shocking was his inquiry about my knowledge of tarot cards and the reading he did for me. I was absolutely astounded at the information that appeared to roll out through the spread of the cards, much more in-depth and connected to my experiences to date.

I left with a much better understanding and uplifted sense of self than ever, although his advice was not to share my story because I would be misunderstood at best. Now this was in 1975.

That kind of experience would throw most people completely out of whack and for a time I certainly was enveloped in this experience. I ignored the shrink’s advice and made valiant efforts to share what I had experienced just because it was so cool, let alone the implications.

Ah, but the message got lost as the messenger became the focus once again.

Without a direct experience, the majority of the people could not possibly grasp the significance of the story and only heard the words of a lunatic. I have since learned of the great confusion and turmoil within the ‘messianic complex’ and its affects. The voice of one can be discounted, ignored and even sanctioned.

Three decades later I believe it is now a voice of many, but still not quite understood by all. I know there are mechanisms for discernment that we all have, but few of us stand in readiness to confront those who are questionable.

Author's Bio: 

Rev. Zen Benefiel is a multi-degreed coach and consultant with a passion for education and facilitating partnerships (www.BeTheDream-LifeCoach.com).