Hello super human, lets talk for a moment.

Think about these thoughts as they relate to you and then we will discover if you really are a super hero, or if you have super hero potential.

Your level of wealth does not define you. Your looks don’t define you. Your job, success, house, or favorite football team does not define you. Not even your possible super human strength holds your definition. Many times we look at our lives and we judge, label, or define ourselves by a worldly object such as wealth, beauty, status, etc. However, none of this is really important. Your financial balance sheet is not nearly as important as your life balance sheet, who you are.

So what does define you. What is your definition. If you could define your life how would you do so? Do you even have a clue to this answer? Could you answer this on a job interview? *This is so important so keep reading!*

Many times people ask us what we do, who we are or similar questions. Its common for people to respond about their job, but are you your job or are you more than your job? Does your job even have anything to do with who you are?

Become a super hero!
What does this mean? Most people, I.E. almost everyone, lives their lives based on what they feel defines them. So that usually means job, family, friends, religion, or some variance of these things.

However many of these things don’t really define you. I have a test for you.

You may be saying, “What, I don’t want to take a test.” However this test is guaranteed to put you on the path to finding your inner super hero! This test is designed to let you find your definition. What does your definition have to do with you being a super hero? Read on and find out!

The test: (3 minute time limit)
In 20 words or less write down your definition right now. Define you, but do so in 20 words or less. This does not allow you the time to talk about your job, or your family, but only about you, who you really are, and what your true definition is.

Remember, there is no right or wrong answer, there is only what you really feel, deep down, is you.

times up, are you done? Ok, I will give you 1 more minute…….. (time lapse 1 minute)……….

**Did you take the test yet? If not what are you waiting for??? And why are you still waiting? And still waiting. Ok, so if you did not take the test yet then go do it already! still here? Then either you took the test and are ready to move on, or you are just not ready to discover your super potential. **

Ok, so now that you have your definition your test needs to be graded. There is no curve for this test, however, you can take the test again in 2 weeks if your fail it.

So here is how you grade your test, and then how you become a super hero!

Look at your definition, and on a scale of A;B;C;D;F(FAIL, OUCH!) rank how closely your current life, desires, and goals match your definition.

Write down your grade here:____ (well not on the computer screen but on your paper)

If some outsider was to watch you every day, if you were on a reality show of your life, would the viewers be able to guess your definition?

My guess is your definition had nothing to do with money, your house payment, or your job (unless you are very lucky).

In fact most jobs have nothing to do with who you really are. So, how do you feel you are doing? How many hours, in a given day, are you truly and honestly focused or living your definition?

If you are not an A then there is work to do. It is time to become your definition.

So, *drum roll*

Super Hero’s can’t save the world until they know what their powers are, and until they accept and start to live their life in accordance with their powers.

Your super hero power is your definition. That is what you are made of, that is what you dream of, it is what you love and feel closely connected to. Your life can not accelerate at superman speeds until you embrace and live your definition.

So now its time. Its time to become the Super hero, its time to become your true self, its time to be free, happy, and whole.

Remember your definition, and live it. Focus on it. Make it your #1 goal. It is where your path really leads. If you do this fully not only will your balance sheet look better, but your mortgage payment will look smaller, and you will really live a POWERFUL life.

Lastly, your definition grows when others know what it is, that’s the only way they can help you achieve it, so, if you have the guts, share your definition by commenting. This will help you to remember, and to be held accountable. Please share and let us know what your super powers are.

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Written by Justin Criner – A spiritual child of God that loves people and seeing them grow, find joy, and be free. (currently a strong B, but working on becoming an A)