Each day we have thousands of thoughts which rush through our minds. We pay very little attention to what we are thinking most of the time. We simply allow the random thoughts to have a life of their own, running here and there with no control.

It can be very beneficial to spend a little time paying attention to the thoughts that your mind creates. How many times have you had thoughts of “I can’t …”, “It’s hard.”, “I’m tired.”, “I can’t stand him …”, “She’s stupid …” and other such thoughts.

Each time we allow one of these thoughts to move through our head, it is creating negative energy. Once we allow a negative thought to have control, it creates another negative thought, and another until our thoughts are filled with negative energy.

Our thoughts create our reality, including the thoughts that we don’t even realize that we are having.

Let’s look at an example. Sally has been out of work for a while. She is on unemployment, but it won’t last much longer, and she can’t find a job. Christmas is just around the corner, and Sally has no money to provide presents for her kids.

Sally wakes up in the morning and thinks, “I really don’t want to get up.” That thought sends out negative energy into her day and leads to another negative thought. “I don’t know why I am even bothering, no one is hiring. It is just a waste of my time to have to get dressed for no reason.” Then she thinks “I just don’t know what I am going to do about presents this year, I just don’t have any money to buy them.”

Each negative thought that Sally has will lead to another negative thought, then another, then another. The negative, low vibrational energy of these thoughts will go out into the Universe, attracting energy of the same vibration. With thoughts such as this, Sally will have a very depressing day.

Stop for a moment and pay attention to what you are thinking right now. You may be thinking “This is stupid.”, “This makes no sense to me.”, “I wonder why I don’t have enough money.” Any number of thoughts could be running through your mind.

If you find that you are having a negative thought, it is important that you change it immediately before it has the opportunity to create more negative energy.

Let’s return to Sally. She wakes up and thinks, “I really don’t want to get up.” She immediately catches the negative thought and thinks “But, I am going to get dressed and have a wonderful day.” Notice how the energy changes with that statement. She may follow that with the thought “I may even find the perfect job today.” Notice the difference in the vibration of these thoughts. Sally can create a completely different reality by paying attention to her thoughts and keeping them positive.

Take time throughout your day to pay attention to what you are thinking. Do your thoughts include the words “can’t, won’t, hard, difficult, mess, bills, pain, etc.”? If so, change them immediately to a positive thought. Even changing the thought to “I am in the process of creating my dreams.” will change the energy you are sending out and create the reality you desire.

If, like others, you are unable to purchase the gifts that you would like for Christmas this year, focus on the true meaning of Christmas. Think of gifts you can make yourself which cost very little. Focus on the things you can do to make the holidays special and it will be special.

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Rev. Claudia McNeely, CCHt is a gifted and caring Psychic/Healer. She has assisted millions of people world wide to heal on all levels and create the life they want. Visit her website today at http://www.askclaudia.com to register to win a free Psychic Reading.