According to the research, some people with a normal or healthy weight according to the scale can have a higher percent of body fat and their bodies may act obese even if they are not. These people are not overweight, they may just have more fat tissue than muscle tissue and even though they are not overweight, may still be at risk for heart and health problems. Some of the research suggests that men and women with a normal weight were at risk for certain diseases and conditions like metabolic syndrome which can cause elevated blood sugar and blood pressure.

Many gyms and other workout places measure body fat, but some research thinks, that the results may not tell us everything. Even if a person with a good total cholesterol level seems perfectly healthy, they may have low levels of good cholesterol and higher levels of bad, putting them at risk for heart disease, attacks, and other problems. These new results say that not only should we focus on diet and exercise but we should focus on achieving a lean muscle mass to reduce our risk.

Many of these results still need more research and testing, so before we all panic and think we are overweight and not healthy, just keep doing what you are doing to try and stay healthy. Eat right, exercise daily, visit the doctor regularly and stay well informed. This is the best way we can all take care of your health now and in the future.

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