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Typically, I am working more with people's stool than urine. However, urine is an extremely important indicator of many health problems. Here are some things to think about when you next have to urinate.


Transparent: The UC San Diego Health explains that colorless urine could indicate that your body may be over-hydrated. This is not a direct cause for concern, but they add that over-dehydration can dilute essential salts that can create a chemical imbalance in your blood.
Pale Color: You are well-hydrated, healthy and normal if you have a pale color urine, says the UC San Diego Health.

Yellow: As mentioned if the color of your urine is yellow, then everything is completely normal. You are hydrated and your abdomen is working perfectly, says the UC San Diego Health.
Dark Yellow: If the color of your urine is dark yellow, it’s still normal, but it also does suggest that you may be mildly dehydrated.
Honey or Amber: UC San Diego Health says that if their color of your urine is honey or amber, you might be dehydrated.
Red: If the color of your urine is red, there may be a need to be concerned . Blood in the urine is called hematuria. In some cases, it can be benign, but in other cases, it can be a sign of infection, kidney stones or even a tumor in the urinary tract. It can also signal that there may be a problem with the prostate.
Blue: Certain medications and food dyes can produce blue urine, as well as the rare metabolic disorder familial hypercalcemia (blue diaper syndrome). According to UC San Diego Health, blue diaper syndrome is when there is an incomplete intestinal breakdown of tryptophan, which is a dietary nutrient. If your urine becomes blue, consult a physician.
Dark Brown or Black: Causes that do not require you to worry include certain medications, large amounts of fava beans, rhubarb, and aloe. But the UC San Diego Health explains that potential causes of dark brown or black urine that should worry you are copper or phenol poisoning or melanoma. The best thing to do is consult your doctor if the color of your urine is dark brown or black.
Urinary pH should be between 6.5 to 7.5 for optimal health, the lower the number the more acidic the urine, the higher the more alkaline.
Other Issues: Cloudy urine, can be a sign of excess phosphorus in the urine or even a sign of an infection. Bubbly urine is a sign that your kidneys are not filtering protein properly. Mucus in urine can be caused by UTI’s, kidney stones and even ulcerative colitis. Viscous, thick urine can be a sign of dehydration or even malabsorption.
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