The focus in this post is one of the most useful but under- valued diagnostic- type tools — Trace Mineral Analysis or Hair Analysis. If the eyes are considered the “Gateway to the Soul”, then the hair is the “Gateway to the Minerals.” Hair Analysis is a precise way of determining the following:

- Mineral and electrolyte levels such as calcium, magnesium, iron etc.

- Trace Mineral levels such as manganese, molybdenum, boron, keys to healthy liver detoxification, skeletal health, sugar regulation etc.

- Mineral ratios which are a reflection of glandular functioning and sugar metabolism.

- Toxic metals including aluminum, cadmium, mercury and others which are known contributors to degenerative diseases.

Taking a small amount of hair from the scalp, a laboratory analyzes the hair by a specialized method to determine a wealth of information about your health. Let’s look at some details. What types of toxins are you carrying in your system? Aluminum? Mercury? Lead?

There is a very good chance that such is the case! We can identify what heavy metal toxins are present and design a Personalized Treatment for their removal. For example, if aluminum is present in the system, there is only one substance that can remove it.

In addition to identification of toxic metals, Hair Analysis will identify the levels and ratios of healthy minerals in your system. Do I have enough Calcium in my system? Are my iron levels healthy? Hair Analysis determines exact levels and ratios based on science. Again, all guesswork is removed and an exact Program is designed to fit your needs. With the tremendous amount of products that are available, this method allows YOUR system to determine what is missing, what is needed and what you may have too much of.

Minerals are exceptionally important, arguably more important than vitamins.

Iron deficiency can add to obesity.

Calcium deficiency can contribute to insomnia, anxiety and panic attacks.

Potassium and sodium deficiencies can contribute to adrenal insufficiency, thus lowering your energy levels.

These are just a few of the 60+ examples that Hair Analysis will identify. In my years of practice, I have interpreted about 1200 Hair Analysis and have truly appreciated the exceptional value of them. Take advantage of this inexpensive, outstanding diagnostic tool by going to and ordering one today.

Your health is worth it!

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