Obviously, because of the natural wrinkles of the ทำตาสองชั้น, the upper eyelid will turn up more, and the open area will be larger. In addition, the wrinkled eyelid adds a sense of three-dimensionality, and visually makes the eyes look more energetic.

why? The reason is as follows

Improve ptosis. When some single eyelid seekers look straight ahead, the upper eyelid margin of the eye will cover the cornea (that is, the black eyeball), which not only makes the eyes appear smaller, but also interferes with the line of sight and affects vision. The levator blepharoplasty shortening while doing double eyelids can be improved and corrected well.


Improve eyebrow spacing. Some beauty seekers’ eyes are too wide apart, destroying the aesthetic proportions of “three courts and five eyes”, giving people a loose and imprecise look. After double eyelid surgery, the eyes are enlarged, which can effectively balance the unsightly feeling of too wide spacing.


Improve sagging upper eyelid skin. With age, the loose and elastic skin of the upper eyelid weakens, so that the eye fissure becomes smaller and deformed, which affects the appearance. When doing double eyelids, it can remove excess skin and effectively eliminate poor complexion and premature aging.


Improve swollen eye bubbles. Swollen eye blister is mainly because the fat of the upper eyelid is too thick, prone to trichiasis or inconspicuous eyelashes. Doing double eyelids can not only enlarge the eyes, but also make the eyelashes upward, making the eyes more charming.


Improve dynamic lines. Beauty seekers whose eyelids interfere with their vision are prone to raise eyebrows, and because of habitual eyebrow raising movements, forehead lines will be left over time. After doing double eyelids, the dynamic lines will gradually be relieved or even disappear because the static lines have not yet formed.

It can be seen that a double eyelid surgery changes more than just a single eyelid. Therefore, many girls who love beauty have decisively embarked on the road of cutting double eyelids in order to have a pair of smart and big eyes.

However, according to related surveys, many young beauty seekers have started to follow the trend of double eyelid surgery without understanding the basic knowledge of double eyelid surgery.

We often say that double eyelid cutting is narrowly defined as double eyelid surgery. It is called double eyelid surgery in medicine. It refers to the method of surgery or minimally invasive surgery to make the upper eyelid form a beautiful fold or restore the original beautiful fold. Kind of method.


Although double eyelid surgery is a minor operation, for young people seeking beauty for the first time, they must choose carefully and not blindly. Because the success of double eyelid surgery is not only related to the surgeon's aesthetic point of view and cosmetic surgery skills, but also related to the eye base, anatomical structure and facial shape of the beauty seeker.

In order to achieve the most ideal double eyelid surgery, pre- and post-operative preparations are also very important!

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