If you cannot afford to buy an iPhone or a Samsung Galaxy S2, cheaper smartphones are an alternative to expensive terminals that some of us may want.

What these cheap smartphones can do?

Like the iPhone 4S or Galaxy S2, you can surf the Internet, access your account you have on Facebook, listening to music or watch videos. Usually, all smartphones software includes a browser, but some are considered less efficient.

What are the most accessible terminals?

Cheapest smartphones using Google Android operating system are widely available. They are affordable and you can use thousands of applications from Android Market.

How long does a phone battery lasts?

In standby mode, smartphones can last several days. But anyone browsing the Internet, listening to music or viewing videos will notice that the battery will discharge faster. When you buy a cheap smart phone, you must choose one whose battery lasts at least 4-5 hours of talk time mode.

These phones are good for games?

Many cheap smartphones come with game applications installed. You can pay to download games, but there is a risk that they do not work on the cheaper terminals.

Can I use GPS on the cheap terminals?

Even the cheaper smartphones are using satellite station for GPS receiver. Therefore, they are compatible with navigation systems, but they can install only certain applications less advanced.

Are they good for surfing the internet?

Of course, besides classic terminals that connect to the internet, preferred are those that allow wireless connections.

Check camera and internet access

Get the cell phone and snap a few shots to see how well the camera performs. Then open a web page to check your internet connection, and finally find the other useful applications on the phone.

Samsung Galaxy Ace - One of the best cheapest android smartphones

This model of Samsung is a strong Android smart phone and it is also included in the cheap android smart phone category. Price range is below $250. This sleek and stylish smart phone has a perfect stability to the users. TouchWiz 3.0 user interface, superimposed to Android operating system, enables simple and intuitive operation. Samsung's solution allows the user to sort the menu and home screen structure. Writers can enjoy more aid from Swype function, and a text prediction function. Although lacking some features, such as headphones, high values of autonomy increase interest in this model. In standby autonomy is 28 days and 6.38 hours in mixed use.

Now that you know what to look for before buying a cheaper smart phone, you can check this great choice of cheap android smartphones or this great Samsung Galaxy Note Review.

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