“What you resist persists”, you’ve probably heard this before, but are you consciously aware of what you’re resisting.

As a Spiritual Coach, I often (and generally quite easily) see what others are resisting. However, I have never consciously thought to myself, “What am I resisting?” So I sat with that question to see what showed up. The following are just a few points of resistance that showed up for me:

- Financial ruin
- Exponential success
- Doing everything alone (Note: this doesn’t mean I am going to do everything alone, it means I am resisting the idea of it)
- My corporate career
- Flow and ease

As I looked at these areas of resistance objectively, first separately and then as a whole, I asked myself, “What are the fears behind these points of resistance?”

The answer I received was: Success and Ease (though I'm totally open to your thoughts on this, please leave comments below).

I, who have had wonderful and amazing successes throughout my life, have a fear of success. While I’ll admit I was a bit surprised, I recognize that fear of success and/or failure is very common, so I wasn’t overly shocked.

What did shock me, however, is my fear of ‘Ease’, of things being easy, falling into place, being synchronistic...just being. I’ve spent so much of my life struggling, that to simply accept ‘ease’ would put me in a place where I would need to completely re-evaluate who I am.

And WOW, isn’t that just the point?

Enjoying the Journey! ~Trish

Author's Bio: 

Author, Spiritual Coach, Speaker and Adventurepreneur, Trish is a Shaman and an IT professional focused on helping others Choose2Live.

After being diagnosed with Scleroderma (a rare form of Rheumatoid Arthritis) in 1998, Trish refused all medications and began an incredible journey to reclaim her health, and ultimately her life facing her fear of death and walking a path to discover 'her' truth. Her passion is helping people to release the emotional traumas that are holding them back from living their truth.