I have been doing internet marketing for quite a few years now and I seem to do pretty well at it. I don't drive no lamborghini,live on an island in a multi-million dollar house or cruise the seas on my yacht or any of that grandious things. I drive a Toyota, live in San Francisco
in a small apartment and work 24-7 at a job I love. All in
all Iam just an ordinary guy a lot like you, I expect.

The point being, for many years I counted on Amazon for a portion of my marketing. Having a number of affiliate websites setup in different niches, a good number of wordpress blogs dedicated to promote Amazon products. Over the years I have spent a lot of time and energy promoting Amazon products as an affiliate. Let us not forget the money spent, domain names, hosting, PPC, safelist etc.
So when Amazon made the anouncement they were stomping out
all California Affiliates I was a bit peeved (thats the censored version).

Here is another case of multi-billion dollar corporate America, squishing the little guy. They don't want to pay California sales tax which in itself is a kick in our economies ass, they take it a step further and cancel all California accounts. I think someone, like maybe the population out to stand up to this corporate giant, by taking internet business to other online vendors.

If you live outside California your probably thinking this does not affect me, but your wrong....California is just the first step.

If we, as a whole, allow corporate america to dictate what tax the will or will not pay, we are saying that we approve
of then governing our lives. We all know that in essence that is true, but most of the "Big Boys" are not so blatant about it.

Stand up American, stand up people of the world, let's kick some corporate ass, starting with Amazon.

The next article will cover what you can do to take your fate out The "Big Boys" hands and regain control of our future.

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