I have recently been experiencing living in “Flow,” and I have to say, I have been amazed how much my life has improved, my attitude has shifted to being optimistic, relaxed, and happy. By being in Flow, I am attracting more positive experiences, higher level of connections with others and reduced stress, fear and worry. In addition, I am attracting more abundance and success. Life has fewer struggles, and my to-do list is almost effortless! I have gained a new perspective over challenges that show up. What is living “in Flow” exactly? I’ve heard, and read about the concept but no one could actually tell me how to do it in a practical way. What does it mean and what does it entail to live in Flow?

To live in Flow means to live in a more relaxed state where you are connected to your divine nature, and your desires. It is living by your authentic self and not the illusion of what you have been told to be by society, your parents or your friends. It is a very high form of self-love. To live in flow you are ready to receive what life has in-store for you, all those possibilities become plausible, your goals get closer, you not only see your full potential but now know it is attainable. Flow is Universal energy, God source or the Creator, depending on your belief system, flowing through and around you. It wants only to provide you with your desires and plans you have laid out for yourself before you entered the body. If you allow your Soul and Source to work with you, for you, then as you follow your desire with action, you get the results you have been searching for every day of your life.

How to recognize your desires and what you truly want over what you think you want - here are some ways to move into Flow:

You want to take a particular class, but you have way too much to do before and after the class to take that time for yourself. You cannot see how you can indulge yourself to take the day to be in the class but how can you not? So, knowing you want to be in the class, you then keep your mind and energy focused on wanting to be in that class. You see yourself there taking the class and you imagine moving pins or pieces of your ‘to-dos’ around like a chessboard of your life. Then by actually moving a few of the pins or pieces of your to-do list during the week, it allows you to create space in your schedule for you to attend the workshop. You might have to enlist some help, or cancel or move a couple of non essential activities to another week, which will make room for the most important things to get done. Lastly, imagine you have the money to pay for the class and then the money comes to you through a client booking, or a sale, or you saved for it each day. Then, as you follow your heart and your desire, what your Soul wants, you sign up for the class and you are now going! That is living in Flow!
You have a creative idea but you keep shoving it down because it is not practical from your Ego’s perspective from its limited vantage point on Earth, and only having past experiences from this current lifetime as a reference point. If you had the Universe’s perspective up high, and all over, it most like is very plausible. You just have to take action toward your goal and the Universe provides the “How” as you go along in making your idea a reality. Its called ‘Trust” in the Flow.
You are not sure where to sit at an event. So you look around the room and there happens to be someone who is more “lit” up to you then the others. Go sit next to him or her. See why his light is brighter to you than the others. Make a new connection. Say hello. What will you learn from this new connection? Will it be a new friendship? A new romance? Or is it just a pleasant evening sitting next to a magnetic person?
You feel that you should do something productive, but your body wants to sleep. Take a nap. Now, see how much more you get accomplished than if you had not taken that nap!
You have desired to learn Spanish. Take a class, or do an online program. See where the language leads you and how it enhances your life.
You know you need to call the ten clients that your boss wants you to call, but there are five other prospects that feel more alive to you. Call the five brighter ones first. There is more potential business in the ones that have more energy to you, than the calls you are told to make by someone else. If one of the ten has a magnetic pull to you, then of course, add them in to the “must call” first column. See who buys or wants to know more!
With regard to living your life in Flow, look for the magnetic pull, what lights up for you? What gets you excited and happy? What drives you? These are the questions that point you toward your desires, and which keep you on your life path that you designed yourself. Remember that you are your Life’s creator, and as challenges come up, think about what an interesting opportunity you created to learn something. Then ask yourself “How do I get into the Flow so I can get myself beyond this challenge?”

That is living in Flow. Go with what lights you up, follow your desires and your path to where it leads you. It does not mean you don’t take responsibility for your life, or your job, your kids etc. It just means staying in alignment with your higher purpose, with Universal energy and the Earth you live on. It makes it much easier to stay out of fear when you know you are supported, loved and you trust you above all else and all others.



Author's Bio: 

Carolyn Goldfarb is a Licensed Soul Therapist®, and has received her training from Soul Therapy School® International. In her private practice, Carolyn assists individuals utilizing Soul Therapy and Past Life Regression Therapy. She has been certified by The International Association of Professional Past Life Regression Therapy & Training Institute. Carolyn works with women from all over the world to support their desire to realign their soul and life purpose, connect to their divine essence and live their true magnificence.