I believe we are in the beginning of a massive change on our planet. Many of us are starting to awaken. We are shifting from an old paradigm… away from fear, setting down the belief that we live in a scary world. We are beginning to expand our awareness from our physical bodies and our ego minds and awakening to a higher truth. This truth is we are something much greater than our bodies and our egos.

The Old Paradigm

This old paradigm is rooted in fear and chauvinism, seeing the need to dominate to get ahead. This is a patriarchal world that honors action, will, thinking and doing as most important. Here we use control and manipulation to get what we want or where we want to be. We think there is only so much to go around so we had better take what we can, while we can. The lens we see this world from is the lens of the ego. It is based in fear and scarcity. Our life here is filled with drama.

Self-pity and denial are ways of being in this world. We identify with feeling unappreciated and misunderstood. Blaming others and keeping score leaves us powerless and frustrated. Life seems uncomfortable and “out-of-control”.

How does it feel to live in this world of ego, domination and fear? How does it affect our inner Feng Shui or resonance? When we live in fear we live in a constricted world. When we feel constricted, our bodies are tight. We see what we don’t have instead of what we do have. Here we make choices from a place of judgment, approval and scarcity.

The New Paradigm

Imagine instead, living from a foundation of love and trust. From this place, you connect to your Spirituality or your Source, whatever that may be. Here, you know you are loved for no reason. You take personal responsibility for creatively generating your reality. It takes courage to live from this place. But as you do, you feel the freedom. You find yourself making choices because they are right for you, not for other people, not because you “should”.

Instead of feeling separate and scared, you feel connected and loved. Instead of looking for ways to prove your value, you know your value and it lives inside you. This is the world of Dominion.

How does it feel to live your life from this place? Spacious. Light. Free. Trusting. Empowering. Loving. It’s a place of unlimited possibilities and opportunities.

What will happen to our planet when more of us chose to live from this foundation of love rather than the foundation of fear?

It is time to step more deeply into Dominion; our Authentic or True Self.

The choice is yours… The time is now.

Take Action Now

Do you have a desire to awaken to a new way of being? Just the desire to “awaken to a higher truth” is the first step to getting there.

Notice who you spend time with, what you are watching and reading and what you are putting into your body. Make a conscious choice to feed yourself with more of the energies you desire and avoid the toxic energies that leave you feeling resentful, empty, fearful, or disempowered.

Before making a decision, ask yourself “Why am I making this choice? Is it for approval/recognition/money/etc or does it feel right for me?” Share your Light, Love and Truth with those around you. The more you feel and share it, the more it will expand and shift the world.

Ask yourself these questions:

* What choices am I making that allow myself to be and receive love?
* What are some of the ways I stop myself from making self-loving choices?
* How does my fear keep me from expressing my Authentic Self? What am I hiding behind?
* What am I afraid of?

If you have not yet integrated into a world of Dominion, please begin by learning to love yourself. Be the love you wish to receive. It starts from within. It starts with loving you.

Remember: “You can never love another person unless you are equally involved in the beautiful but difficult spiritual work of learning to love yourself.” ~John Donohue

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