If you or a loved one is injured in an accident, you need an experienced Houston car accident lawyer to handle your claim. But how do you know which lawyer is more suitable? What criteria should be used to choose the right lawyer? Here are some of the key factors to question when choosing a car accident lawyer:

Check your experience
Your lawyer should be able to tell you:

How many cases have been resolved?
How many does the lawyer have before a jury?
What dollar verdicts have the lawyer reached?

Ask about their team of experts
Who does a lawyer work for? Does the lawyer have a working relationship with investigators, physicians, accountants, and other professionals?

Is the lawyer willing to go to trial?
The best way to get the biggest prize is to be prepared to go to trial. Some lawyers are afraid of the test - instinctively as if to solve cases. A lawyer who has tried cases knows each stage prior to trial is important to the trial. The qualified car accident lawyer is constantly thinking - how does this document, question, or some evidence be helpful at trial.

He is the lawyer of a good and skilled negotiator
Insurance companies are interested in resolving cases for the lowest rate. A good lawyer will know the arguments and defenses that the insurance negotiators will use so that the lawyer can obtain the best results in the negotiation. They also know that negotiators offer the best solution when they know the lawyer is going to trial.

Check their testimonials
Not the lawyer/company has statements and references from clients who have liked the lawyer's work.

Visit their website and their blogs
Good car accident lawyers are interested in educating their clients and potential clients. See if the Houston lawyer has numerous legible and informative articles on personal injury topics so that the client can be properly informed.

The political contingency of quotas
Does the lawyer have a contingent fee policy? A contingency fee means that the lawyer only receives compensation if the case is resolved (with the client's approval) or there is a verdict. lawyers who handle cases on a percentage/contingency fee basis have a vested interest in winning the case.

What percentage of your practice is a personal injury?
Check the lawyer's website and ask the lawyer what his areas of practice are. Do they handle personal injury cases or do they just not handle other matters like family and estate law. A dedicated personal injury lawyer is more likely to be prepared to drive and win your car accident claim.

Ask who is handling the case?
Make sure that the experienced lawyer will be more than just seeing the case and not a personal partner.

What kind of trauma?
Ask about the types of cases they have handled. What just makes minor injuries or does not handle cases where the victim is unable to work for the rest of his life or when the victim has died?

A good Houston car accident lawyer will be happy to explain his experience, how he can help you prepare and win your case and will be able to point to tangible successful results.

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