A few months ago I heard a quote from Tony Robbins, "If You Can't, Then You Must" and it really resonated with me because in the long ago past I can't tell you how many times I found myself or others around me who constantly said, "I can't lose weight", "I can't find a job","I can't own my own business" or "I can't find a boyfriend" as just a few examples. What people don't realize is that the more they say "I Can't" the more it becomes their experience or reality by the Law Of Attraction. The next time you find yourself saying "I Can't", let the use of that word serve as a signal to you that you are negatively programming yourself. If you are not self aware, this negative programming can ultimately lead to false limitations so catch it as soon as you say it, think it, or feel it.

It's bad enough when you harbor your own limitations, but imagine having people around you who are harboring those negative false limitations towards you? It's not a good feeling, especially when you are the positive one of the bunch and almost everyone around you seems to not share the faith or belief that you can do anything you set you mind to. It's really not that they don't believe in you, it's just that they have limiting beliefs of their own. They haven't tried to have a life experience of their own yet where doing something "Out Of The Box" has worked for them. The reason for this behavior mostly comes from fear or their own past experiences that have not been successful up until now. When people who want to make positive changes in their lives do something "Out Of The Box", others are quick to bring them down or claim that they won't succeed. Usually around this time you have to believe in yourself and your passion more than ever and prove it to yourself that you can do anything you set your mind to! It is best to stay away from people who don't believe in you or what your setting out to accomplish, but how do you do that when the most important people around you are not along for the ride?

That's a tough one for sure. Sometimes you have the power to distance yourself from these kind of people but with others you can not avoid, so you have to accept what it is they feel. You can not change someone or how they think and feel, but you can stay strong and don't lose sight of your passions. Staying on course is imperative especially when these conflicts arise in your life. Perhaps taking a different approach can also help. What I mean is if you talk all the time to someone about a goal you want to reach and you constantly get negative feedback which then leads to arguments, stop the pattern, stop talking to that person about these things, and find a like-minded person who will listen and support your endeavors. Be your strong, confident, more than capable self and in no time the people who second guessed you, will want to know what your secret is and how they can have it too! I'm speaking about this from pure experience and know for a fact that when you follow your dreams with passion, your dreams become a reality and many times much more magnificent than you ever imagined!

Keep Smiling!!

Author's Bio: 

My name is Reverend Jennie Reve-Almodovar. I am the Founder and President of YourJourney2Joy. I am a Certified Law Of Attraction Based Life Coach currently located in Queens, New York and an Ordained Metaphysical Minister. Just to give you some background about me, after 13 successful years in a Retail Loss Prevention/Asset Protection career, I finally decided after some contemplation that what I really yearned for was to live my life to the fullest, on "my own" terms, enjoy life and continue to appreciate how it works. I had a strong desire to do what I love to do which is studying and teaching The Law Of Attraction. A big part of my certification at the International College Of Metaphysical Theology was first learning a lot about myself, finding my inner joy, reaching unattainable goals, sticking to them and basically taking the fear and uncertainty I had inside me and replacing it with curiosity. Once I received my certification, I knew if I can accomplish this, I can certainly guide a willing individual on to the path of their own "Journey2Joy" and do it successfully. In just a few year's time I was able to manifest a number of wonderful and exciting experiences in my life that at one time I would never have dreamed would be possible! Life keeps getting better and better for me because the possibilities are now limitless!