Irrespective of whether your skin is dry, oily or a combination of both – all skin types suffer from dehydration. Dehydration makes your skin try and hence your complexion dull. Dehydration in your skin essentially means that your skin lacks water and could possibly be dry and itchy. This could make the fine lines in your face more visible and give you uneven skin tone, which combined are pretty much a nightmare for any girl. A common misconception is that by keeping your face wet often, you can cure dehydration. This is false and dehydration needs to be treated from one’s inside bodily health.

How To Check Whether Your Skin Is Dehydrated

A simple pinch test cab determine whether or not your skin is dehydrated. A pinch test can be performed by pinching a small area of your cheek. If the pinched area bounces back once you leave it, you skin is hydrated. However, if you notice wrinkling around the pinched area, it is bad news. Other than this, dehydrated skin looks like ageing skin, even if you are in your early teens. Patchy texture and uneven skin tone are common indications of dehydrated skin.

What To Do If Your Skin Is Dehydrated

Dehydrated skin can easily be treated by incorporating a few changes in your daily routine and lifestyle. The following points detail how to treat dehydrated skin:

1. Drinking a lot of water

By drinking enough water daily, you can ensure that your body and its organs are hydrated on the inside. Your ideal water intake depends upon your BMI and your daily activity or exercise levels.

2. Minimize Caffeine and Alcohol Intake

Both caffeine and alcohol act as diuretics that decrease your skin’s water content. Additionally, alcohol hinders the production of vasopressin, which is a hormone responsible for rehydration in your body. Limiting consumption of both of them is absolutely necessary to treat dehydrated skin.

3. Use Products That Specialize In Dehydrated Skin

Many makeup and skincare products aren’t specifically developed for dehydrated skin and can end up managing your skin even more. You should opt for skincare products that specialize in your skin condition such as Bioderma’s Hydrabio range that develops cleansers, creams and serums specifically designed for dehydrated skin. For more information on its product range visit

4. Exercise More Often

Exercising daily helps sweat out toxins from your body and leads to you increasing your water intake. In addition to that it aids blood circulation which further makes your skin glow.

5. Avoid Using Harsh Face Scrubs

While exfoliation is a great way to exfoliate the dead skin out of your face and get a more even and bright complexion, if done excessively it could damage your dehydrated skin every further. For dehydrated skin mild scrubs should be incorporated in your beauty routine.

With a little care and concern, dehydrated skin can easily be treated and cared for. By following the above mentioned tips and tricks, you will easily treat your dehydrated skin in no time.

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