Over the next couple of months I will be "Sharing Secrets" to help you understand why women have an edge when it comes to successfully manifesting. I will share with you what I have observed and know after working with women, their struggles and successes for over 30 years. Here I will uncover for you, wonderful traits and patterns that all women have but not all know how to use with personal power. Women are unstoppable when they get determined to appreciate their innate qualities and actively use the Law of Manifestation to Manifest their dreams.

After devoting over 30 years helping women to find and increase their personal power, and abundance in every season of their lives, I am grateful for the privilege of walking every step of the journey with them. I have witnessed when women understand The Laws of Attraction and Manifestation they often experience incredible life changes.

Over time I have also worked with men who have had success in Manifestation. Men’s gifts and strengths in their journey are different than women. Equal but different men are generally stronger in their thinking and usually more focused. They tend to move in a linear fashion towards their goals and spend less energy focusing on feelings, at least in our culture. It is not in women’s best interest to attempt Manifesting, more like a man. This series is devoted to the singular qualities that allow women to be successful, so for this purpose, it will focused on Women's strengths, gifts, courage and all that they bring to the table.

Once women grasp their worthiness to wield this kind of power, when they stop underestimating what they have to offer, and become determined to manifest something better, they are a power to be reckoned with.

The results that have occurred in my life and the lives of women I have worked with could be considered incredible. I’m often asked what contributes to successful results in my work with women. Although the answer has many levels, I believe the main reason for success is because of the determination of the women who have come my way. This determination is often bolstered by the fact that they have tried other approaches and have been discouraged. Frequently when women connect with me they have a mindset of “what do I have to lose” and are "all in." It’s the all in part that is the gift and fuels determination which fuels successful Manifesting.

What then gives women an edge in Successful Manifestation?

We can only manifest that which we truly are, or believe about ourselves in other words, we have to feel worthy to receive. Women are more willing to do the deep level of inner work when needed in order to release faulty patterns, beliefs and negativity that keep them stuck and struggling. This preparation work brings them to a degree of mastery over themselves and sets the stage to experience successful Manifesting. Once they get to this point of mastery, the mystery is gone and if they follow my program, they are able to manifest what they desire, beyond belief. Some people not understanding the process may consider it magical.

One of the foundational attributes that women have naturally, and is critical for success in Manifesting is a willingness to be a beginner...

Secret #1: Willingness/Openness: An amazing starting point and a strength is that women are open and willing to be beginners and learn how to identify, correct or heal problems holding them back. Having expertise in certain areas makes it difficult for many of us to be awkward or to look foolish. Women however have the kind of courage that allows them to begin and begin again if necessary until they have a foundation of knowledge. Once the dance floor is laid, so to speak, it is easy to engage the Law of Manifestation, whereby it works for us not against us. Women seem to totally understand this step towards success.

The inner and outer agreement that has to occur before Manifestation can take place, takes patience. Although it is common knowledge that we need to be open to beginning anew, the concept is not supported by our culture. Our culture supports success as a finished product. Successful Manifesting is not a linear goal but more like following a spiral staircase. Women are curious, creative and being willing and open they remain flexible, which is critical for success. When one exercise does not work; they try another and hold a space for the unknown to arrive without a guarantee, such as showing up at a certain time in a certain form.

Remember that we manifest only that which we truly are, so it is important to know ourselves and make "course corrections" as we can.

We can have more, much more.

To read more about this Women’s Strengths and Secrets go to www.laurabyoung.com/manifestation.

Author's Bio: 

Laura B. Young M.S. is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT), and a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist (CCH) devoted to helping people become more of what is possible for them. She draws from over thirty years of clinical experience, with the last twenty-five at Life Resource Center, a Private Practice, which she established in 1992.

Over time Laura has specialized in Relationships; Life Transitions: Grief Resolution, Stress Management. She has lead groups with a special emphasis on Women's Creativity. Laura has given numerous presentations, and written many articles for local newspapers as well as regional magazines.

Laura's newest work Manifest an Incredible Life is now available.