BRIGHTNESS LEVEL: as is well known, the light intensity of led light bar for trucks is measured by the lumen unit. The higher this number is, the higher its brightness will be and consequently, you will be able to see better. So you must be very attentive to this value if you want to make the right choice based on your needs. Analogously, it could be compared with the light bulbs in our houses and their watts.

POWER SUPPLY: you must ensure that the voltages correspond to the power supply you have at your disposal. What I am trying to tell you is that, if you are going to use them in a vehicle, it is recommended that they be 12 V. On the other hand, and if it is in another place, they could well be of a different voltage. Either way, a voltage transformer would play an important role.

WEATHER RESISTANCE: depending on where you are going to install your Truck LEDs, it will be necessary to take this important characteristic into consideration. If its location corresponds to the roof of the truck or car, it will undoubtedly have some kind of IP waterproof rating. Of course, the higher it is, the better. Now, if the installation is indoors, this feature would no longer be relevant.

COOLING CAPACITY: no matter how low consumption they may have, it is sometimes inevitable that the Leds for Trucks do not generate heat. To avoid overheating each time we see how the bulbs are provided with powerful fans to do this job. So try to always buy those Truck LEDs that have an efficient cooling system.

The usefulness of equipping your truck with LEDs
LED lighting is perfect for illuminating the road and further perfecting your driving skills. It is of utmost importance for your safety and that of other road users. The road is not the only element to be illuminated, because it is also necessary to illuminate the interior of the cabin.

Using this technology also helps you save money. In fact, thanks to its durability, resistance and high performance, the energy consumed is less than normal. The most interesting thing is to know that the performance of an LED lamp is similar to its incandescent or halogen competitors.

Using this device saves you time and money. For example, in the case of a lighting problem, the driver using conventional lamps will spend more time searching for a garage or making a replacement, while with LEDs, you can do it yourself. Additionally, LED lights give you the opportunity to customize your machine however you want with the multitude of shape and color possibilities.

The importance of truck lights
Good lighting is mandatory for heavy vehicles, due to the risk of accidents associated with night driving. These vehicles, due to their large dimensions, must have all the free spaces and fog lights provided. The position lights, two white at the front and two red at the rear, are also essential.

The arrangement of all lighting elements must comply with traffic regulations. These recommendations were made for the safety of everyone, including the driver.

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