Are you feeling stuck? Having trouble deciding what you want out of life? Lacking the focus and energy to take action towards your goals? It’s not you - it’s your clutter (those things that have very little if any real value to you).

We’ve all heard about how clutter can prevent our home from looking its best, but there is a much higher cost hidden from view. Disorganization can impact every area of our lives. It acts as a barrier, blocking us from what we desire. As we clean out our closets and bring order to our schedules, we are also removing the debris from our lives and clearing the space for new opportunities, health and wealth. It's very powerful and symbolic.

You may not be aware of it on a conscious level, but if you have clutter in your home, it is draining you of your energy, both mental and physical.

Have you ever noticed how hard it is to concentrate in a cluttered room? The piles are shouting out for your attention and it takes energy to ignore the call. This mental noise is distracting, making it difficult to focus. It’s hard to make decisions when we can’t think straight. It makes it almost impossible to prioritize. As a result, everything on our ‘to do’ list seems equally important. But there’s so much to do that we go into overwhelm and get very little done. This causes stress and lowers our confidence and self esteem. As it turns out, all the things we bought to make us feel better about ourselves are actually doing the exact opposite. It’s impossible to know what we want out of life if our mind is clouded and our self-care is neglected. We feel immobilized against taking any action to get unstuck.

Clutter can also cost us physically. It takes energy to look after all our stuff. We have to clean it, maintain it, and repair it. We have to find places to put it when new stuff comes in. This is time-consuming and draining. We become so busy looking after our stuff that we have no time left to nurture our selves. Clutter is the heaviest anchor we can drag around. Eventually, the weight of it becomes too much and can lead to illness.

The high cost of clutter is not limited to physical and emotional health. It can also keep out all the good things we want in life, like new experiences, financial freedom, and fulfilling work. Every item carries energy and clutter blocks the easy flow of that energy. Even if the clutter is kept out of sight, you still know that it’s there and you will feel it. That’s because energy cannot be contained behind closed doors. By removing reminders of negative past experiences and regrets, we release that stale energy and make space for a clear, free-flowing energy. This often attracts new opportunities for personal growth and fulfillment. And since money is a form of energy, it can begin to flow freely towards you, resulting in financial gains.

By clearing the clutter in our homes, we clear our lives and make space for what we truly want. You may not know exactly what you want your life to look like right now. But if you begin clearing the clutter, the fog will lift and your true self will be revealed. You will literally remove the weight that’s been suffocating your soul and be free to soar towards your dreams.

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Hellen Buttigieg, CPO®, is a Certified Professional Organizer®, life coach, TV Host, and speaker. She is the author of Organizing Outside the Box: Conquer Clutter Using Your Natural Learning Style. For tips on organizing your home, your office and your life, visit and sign up for a free monthly newsletter. Contact Hellen at 905-829-2219 or