Fear: It can be paralyzing, demoralizing. It can make you feel hopeless, powerless, a victim. But is fear really that powerful? Here is a quote to ponder:

"Fear cannot take what you do not give it." ~Christopher Coan

If the above is truly the case, why do we give fear so much power? What is it really, that we're afraid of? What are our fears based upon? Our they from our own individual, personal experiences or do they stem from the experiences of others passed on to us from generation after generation. Are they societal fears and do they have any real basis in the truth that is our own individual lives?

Now, please keep in mind that I'm not speaking of the fear we feel when our lives are truly in danger. The fears I'm speaking of are the ones that keep us small...that keep us from standing in our own true power...from being all that we are capable of being...or from just taking that next logical step, simply because it's unknown. Here is another quote to ponder:

"Fear: False Evidence Appearing Real." ~Author Unknown

What if this was the real truth? What if our fears aren't true? What if our fears are simply the experiences of others passed onto us but have no basis of truth within our own experience? What if, when we do what we're afraid of anyway, we come to discover that there was nothing to fear at all? What if, in doing that which we were afraid to do, we learn just how courageous and powerful we truly are? Are you ready to be brave?

My coaches challenge to you is this:

Get quiet and breathe deeply. If you've been working towards a goal, ask what the next step is that you need to take that you've been afraid to take. When you have your answer, spend some time writing out why you're afraid to take this step....what do you think will happen if you do? Think of your worst case scenarios and then I want you to ask yourself, So,what? What if the worse does happen? Will you learn from it? Will it provide valuable insight that will allow you to move forward? When there's something valuable to be had in your experience, then what is there to fear? Failure? Well, if you've gleaned value, then there is no failure, is there? Now, what if the best possible outcome you could imagine were to be the result of stepping into your fear? What impact would that have? How would you feel? When we look at the worst and can say "So what" and then imagine the best, the power we've given to those fears diminish. It's as if the huge wasp turned into an annoying gnat right before your eyes!

Don't let fear cripple you! Move forward with excited anticipation knowing that no matter what the outcome, you will gain value in the experience!

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