The morning of my first ever outdoor training session I ran into an old acquaintance. She’s a delightful woman who hosted a Kids 4 Jesus club at a neighboring parish for her daughter and friends several years ago.

We talked about how we signed up for the training group and our history with triathlons. I mentioned that although this would be my first outdoor triathlon, I had done about 10 indoor triathlons.

She asked my specialty – run, swim, or bike?

I paused.

I almost said “swim”, but hesitated. I recalled my disappointing swim at the indoor triathlon I competed last month. I learned a new flip turn and completely botched it numerous times, adding an extra minute to my swim time.

It was good I didn’t say, “swim”.

My friend and I shared a lane for the workout. Despite looking not too athletic, she sped past me with her graceful stroke. Apparently, she was a high school swimmer.

Run…no I knew it wasn’t the run. I endure running because I like biking and swimming. I had recently learned a better running form so my knee didn’t hurt.

So was it the bike? I thought it might be, until I recollected our bike time trail in the last training group. I was last to finish, even behind the normally slower girl.

Okay I’m embarrassed, just answer her!

“My specialty is that I can get through all of them.”

She said, “Oh, endurance”, and she pushed off the wall like a sleek dolphin for her first set.

I dialoged with myself during my swim workout.
Yes, “endurance”. That’s right. I am mentally tough. I finish what I start. I am prudent to go at my pace so I complete the race. It’s “endurance” and “commitment”.

Those ARE my specialties! I see it through the end. When I set my mind to something I am committed.

Aren’t those the exact qualities you need to be a successful mompreneur! It’s
working smart, constantly learning, and developing business endurance
that gets you where you want to go.

It’s all good. I’m in the right place.

And by the time I pulled myself out of the pool, I let my shame drizzle down the drain. I stood up, pulled in my abdomen, moved my shoulders back, and proudly head to the showers.

Catholic Mompreneur’s Biz and Life Tip: Put your inadequacies aside and build on your strengths, so you can have the business and family life of your dreams.

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