It is around mid-twenties when career becomes an integral part for most people. Gone are the days of carefree living, the fervor to scale professional heights and build up an enviable bank balance can take its toll leading to workplace stress.

Workplace stress, basically means that the grueling demands of your job creates a negative impact leading to fatigue and stress. The fact that a lot of people are not in their profession by choice but by default further increases the chance of succumbing to workplace stress.

What’s astonishing is that almost 85% of the people have no idea that they are suffering from workplace stress and this ignorance add to keep on being grumpy and irritable. Here are a few symptoms that your job is doing more harm than good:
• You become less cooperative with your colleagues
• Your workstation remains piled up with unattended files and documents. And it intimidates you.
• Your social life, both in and out of office has significantly hampered.
• You suffer from persistent headache and fatigue
• You seem ill at ease and you are negative and bitter about your successful colleagues.
• Your level of productivity has gone down
• You take more than permitted number of ‘sick leaves’

How to Manage Workplace Stress

It takes patience and determination to change your attitude and perception of your workplace in order to combat workplace stress.

Assess your situation- Why are you in this profession? If you are for the love of it, chances are you wouldn’t be suffering from workplace stress. If you are in it for money, remember that no amount of wealth can substitute a healthy life.

Is it too late to look for a new job, something that will keep you happier? If not, how can you modify your current employment situation in your favor? Ask yourself these questions and try to figure out the best and practical answer.

No Overtime- Have you been working nights in a row? Time to shut down your work station and go home! You do have a life outside of your workplace, go meet old friends, socialize or just stay curled up in bed watching your favorite movie. Give some time to yourself and get the much needed rest.

Know when to say no- A lot of times, employees do not have an option, but to say yes. Of course, you want that promotion and the seniors would take advantage of the fact, but when it gets tough, learn to say no. Promotions will come and go, health shouldn’t be compromised with.

Prioritize- This could be a life-saver. Figure out what needs to be done today and work on it, following a schedule and keeping things organized and prioritize goes a long way in saving you from pulling out some serious amount of hair in frustration.

Make a lifestyle change- Get enough sleep, eat healthy and workout. All three basic life rules are great stress busters too and can help both prevent and treat workplace stress.

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