What is the Third Eye?
The Third Eye is one of the most discussed, debated and yet
misunderstood of the extraordinary powers available to man.
In Samskrit, the Third Eye is named with many words – Trinetra,
Cakshu, Ajna chakra, Mahanadi, Bhrumadhya, Tapah Loka, Shiva Loka.
The third eye is an intra-organ, a subtle or non-physical organ that
all human beings possess. It is called the 'Third Eye' because the
moment it is activated, you will be able to see without and beyond
your two physical eyes. Blindfolded reading or reading without the
need of the two eyes – is the visible side-effect of initiation into
Third Eye AwakeningSM.
Awakening the Third Eye is not a mystical process alone. Its effects
can be directly experienced in your very physical plane. It has clear
defined powers that can help you explore not just the mystical path
and spiritual experiences, but make so many extraordinary things
happen in your day-to-day life.
Third Eye, The Command Center to the Cosmos
Third Eye, called the ‘ajna cakra’ or command center is the most
powerful energy center, located between the eyebrows. ‘Ajna' means
'command' and 'cakra' means 'wheel' or 'disk'. Ajna cakra is known
as the ‘Cakra Raja’ – the king of cakras, because all the different
energy centers in your body are ruled by this cakra.
‘Ajna’ is the seat of the will-power controlling mystical powers
like clairvoyance, telepathy and command over natural forces and
ultimately, experiencing oneness

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The author is a well-known yoga practitioner in India