As times have progressed, so have other channels, such as news and media and mass communication. However, with social media being active all around the world today, the question on the minds of many is whether journalism has any scope in the world today or not. Many people have also noticed that most people who have no prior background in journalism have also taken it upon themselves to report news.

Normally, this is done through social media applications, such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Although this is progress because events that happen in one’s daily lives, such as police brutality, biased behavior, racism, etc., are now being recorded on video and being publicized on social media.

However, the authenticity of such news being recorded is questionable since most reports about scenarios of this nature are biased and do not show both sides of the story clearly. Journalism, on the other hand, has a lot more depth and demands one to back their theories and statements up with facts, figures and evidence that further strengthens the authenticity of the news.

The Purpose of Journalism

Over the years, many people seem to be lost when it comes to news and media channels that bring them daily updates about the world. This is because of the fact that there are so many self-proclaimed reporters as well as news channels that it can become rather daunting to figure out which one is legitimate and which is simply a hoax to divert and distract the minds of the public.

The purpose of journalism has always been to uncover, investigate and further shed light on events, such as criminal activities and undercover operations. However, due to the rise in social media, more and more people tend to doubt and question the authenticity of any report or news that they read.

Should You Pursue Journalism?

Yes. The world needs authentic journalists, even though the career option itself is considered a high-risk occupation, given that one must tread carefully when working in the field of journalism. Many crimes have also been reported against journalists who covered criminal activity since mobs would not tolerate this and tend to take strict action in this regard as well.

However, the scope of journalism is vast and extends to various topics and thus, one does not need to always cover criminal activity to become a good journalist. Nevertheless, it should always be maintained that one should always do a significant amount of their own research before they believe the news.

Reliable Online News Website

Moreover, it is rather apparent that every news channel – despite being the most profound one – will most likely have a hidden agenda that they are trying to promote. Most news channels have a highly biased way to report news and will form the content as a means to manipulate the audience.

For this reason, many people find it confusing and do not know which platform they should be trusting and which they should not. This also has a lot to do with the fact that each channel normally reports a different side of the same scenario to confuse the viewers and keep the numbers growing.

Fortunately, some news channels can be trusted to bring in authentic and reliable news that not only helps one understand current world affairs but also enlightens them in several ways. A profound example of this is Sarmad Media Network. Sarmad News is a Kuwaiti company working in the field of artistic and television production and advertising on digital and has an electronic media website.

Their goal is to raise the bar for the media channels in the Middle East, while also urging and encouraging people to create content online as well. The power of the internet is such that it cannot be denied in the world today and if everyone pays enough attention, a positive change can be brought to the world because of this too.

Overall, the scope for journalism in the world today is massive and can be explored fully if one chooses to do so. Thus, if you want to pursue journalism, there is no reason why you should reconsider your decision especially if you have what it takes to become a journalist.

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