A case manager is a health and human service professional appointed by the community health service. These professionals are responsible for coordinating the overall care delivered to an individual client or a group of clients based on the client’s health or human service needs and interests.  


They are available to help you make the best use of health services and make sure that the services you receive responses to your needs efficiently and quickly.


Follow us through this blog post to gain more information on the role of a case manager in your life.


1- They help you with assessment and care needs:

The case managers believe in providing every client with long-term care in Honolulu. They will make sure that you receive a full assessment and care needs in terms of proper physical examination, co-occurring other health issues, and substance use concerns in the past. Furthermore, they will also assess the services you get and their outcome on your health.


2- They will prepare a health treatment plan for you:

To provide you the proper Care Hawaii case management will work with you or a nominated family member of yours to prepare a treatment plan that meets your specific needs. The nominated person can be a family member, carer, or advocate. Even if you have children, you can request your health service case manager to help you to plan support and services that your family may require.


3- They will help you manage day-to-day issues:

One part of working with a case manager is that they also look at areas in your life that may cause stress to your daily routine. This assessment will include emotional and mental well-being, your safety, and the safety of others, work, leisure, education, daily living skills, physical health, income, housing, and much more.


4- They will make a recovery plan:
A recovery plan is put together by you and your case manager that summarizes the goals and strategies to make your living healthy. The plan may vary depending on the types of needs you have and the total time required to achieve it. 


Bottom line


It is important to note that you and your case manager will develop all the duties as mentioned above. Sometimes, the expert from case management in Hawaii will work with one of the people nominated by you and design and proper health plan for your well-being.


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