We’ve all heard of it. Many have seen it. It’s the light seen in deep meditation – the “light” of enlightenment. To us it’s a metaphor. “Seeing the light;” like “opening your eyes,” and “awakening,” are just figures of speech, but we’re wrong here. Knowing the light’s source you can produce it, and use it to guide your practice to meditation’s highest rewards. Here’s what you need to know.

What Is The Light Of Enlightenment?

A room can appear to brighten. “White light” has been reported. Enlightenment breakthrough has been described as “ten suns shining.” Such light might seem mystical, even imaginary, but it’s an actual sensation. What causes it?

What Causes Light Sensations?

The cause of the light is attention. How is this possible? Let me explain.

In eyes-open meditation (the ‘open gaze’ of Zen for instance), good attention holds the eyes still. This creates a fixed retinal image that uses up photo pigment (as in exposing photographic film), causing visual distortion in the form of light. Thus light has a physical cause, and more important, you produce it. You create light sensations simply by gazing at a spot with focused attention.

It’s vital to know that seeing the light confirms attention. This lets you monitor attention and guide your meditation. Based on these facts a highly efficient “feedback meditation method” has been developed. Produce and make use of the light and you’re guided straight to your goal.

Guided By The Light – Better Than A Guru?

The guidance offered by the light is “feedback” – something necessary for skill learning. Skilled meditation requires attention. Attention makes it work. The more focused and sustained your attention, the more you benefit.

Put another way: the less your mind wanders the more you gain. Using light as feedback you can hold on to attention and prevent wandering. (It’s like having a built-in Guru to monitor meditation for accuracy.) Light sensations tell you you’re on target. Disappearance of these “feedback signals” alerts you to drifting away. Light provides information you need to succeed. That’s the “feedback method.” Here’s how it’s done.

How To Produce The Light

First you need a focusing point – a target for attention. A pea size bull’s eye on a two inch round of paper will do (or even a spot on the floor). Specially designed discs however, help create light sensations. These “Focusing Discs” are freely available at the Straight Line Meditation website.

Place your disc on the floor; sit erect, and focus with a gentle gaze on the bull’s eye. When distortion (light) appears, shift your attention to that. Hold on as you’d hold on to an anchor. The light anchors attention – assuring you meditation’s ‘active ingredient.’

“Go Into The Light?”

It’s been said “Go into the light.” Beware this advice. It lets your mind wander. (You’ll soon lose feedback - your anchor for attention.) Holding on to the light gives you straight line meditation: the shortest distance between you and your goal. Now here’s the key to successful meditation.

The Key To Success: Guidance From The Light

When you sit down to meditate, the key to success is recognizing feedback signals. Light signals attention. (Seeing it, you literally pay attention to your attention.) When your mind wanders, your eyes wander and the light disappears. That’s your signal to get back on target. Return to the bull’s eye; focus on the halo of light and re-anchor attention. With feedback, you need never again fall prey to a wandering mind.

Build Practice Skill With Feedback

Without feedback, meditation practice skill – your power of concentration, develops slowly. Indeed for some, it may not develop at all. Light guides the growth of practice skill. Empower your practice with the feedback method - a power tool that sharpens with use and cuts through everything. Youll “see the light” in more ways than one.

Author's Bio: 

As a National Science Foundation Trainee, Carol McMahon earned a Doctorate in psychology from Penn State University. Research grants followed and Carol published widely in distinguished journals including the American Journal of Psychology. Her book WHERE MEDICINE FAILS (paperback 2009), was a driving force in the holistic health movement. Discovery of a feedback method of meditation redirected Carol’s life to teaching, testing and refining the method. This culminated in: STRAIGHT LINE MEDITATION: HOW TO RESTORE AWARENESS AND WHY YOU NEED TO by Carol E. McMahon, Ph.D. with martial arts Master Deac Cataldo. Carol is married, has a daughter, holds a seventh degree black belt in Karate. Her book is available free of charge to retreat centers and prison libraries. She cordially invites you to experience meditation’s true power at: http://www.StraightLineMeditation.com and http://www.TheBestWayToMeditate.com.