Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tips In English Search Engine Optimization Tips have been written, I have taught them from my experience, and for the help of other bloggers like me, I have written SEO Tips In English as well as I have since my inception. Even the experience has been shared with you so that you do not repeat the mistakes I made.

I am fond of writing, due to which I thought that it should be made my job and I met some people who had to start an English site and they gave me a chance and we started our site AllIndiaEvent English & Hindi blogging but with the enthusiasm, we had this site We did not have much success with Start.

As a writer, I could not understand why this was happening while I was putting all my strength in my work but there were few clicks per day, my boss used to tell me to always be patient and assure me one day the site Will run but somewhere they also thought that why the site is so slow.

We started AllIndiaEvent in the year December 2013 when we came to know that Google ads do not support Hindi sites. At the same time, we got some disappointment but we continued the work but there were no positive changes in the site. After this, in December 2014, Google gave Hindi a place in its ad world and we got new enthusiasm from there. After that, we found the reasons why our site is so slow and we came to know about SEO Tips which gradually we started to put in our site and understood its good bad effect after which the site started growing and even today we are SEO We are moving towards understanding the tips, after using SEO Tips, now on Diwali there are 3 to 4 thousand clicks daily which is still less, so we are constantly trying in the direction of SEO Tips, today I have this blog I wrote SEO Tips In English so that no one else had any trouble.

Search Engine Optimization SEO Tips
You can earn money sitting at home through blogging, for which you should have the talent to write and with it the knowledge of search engine optimization SEO so that blogs written by you are liked by Google and easy for readers to read while searching. . For this, first you have to know about SEO and while writing the article, some important points have to be included in your article as a rule. If you do this then the traffic on your site will increase and more and more viewers will come to your site, which will improve your site ranking.

SEO (What is Search Engine Optimization)
SEO is a web mining tool by which users search on search engines i.e. the user who wants to search, gives the most suitable results. SEO tool gives a list of results according to the keyword. In this result, many sites are hosted by SEO, in which the user's query is answered and the user can visit those sites as per their choice.
SEO crawls web pages for this, after which it chooses the best result which is called indexing the page, and for this, SEO uses robot/boat and spider.

A crawl visits each site, every page, and selects the sites through a hypertax link, and then indexes the pages.
In this way, index pages are stored in one place.
After indexing, results are given according to the user's query, in which the most appropriate results are given by matching the keywords of the query with the index pages.
(Overview Of Search Engine Optimization):
By the way, all search engines have their own algorithms according to which they optimize, a basic idea is given below.

SEO works in three stages
Crawling is the first step for indexing a web page in which the web spider visits hypertext pages and indexes the pages.
Collecting, parsing, and storing the data of all web pages that are indexed during crawling is under indexing so that the same data is put together called indexing. The results obtained in the search engine are web Pages are selected from these index pages.

The process of matching starts after indexing. When users enter a query in the search engine, the process of matching begins, in which SEO tools go to index pages and match the data according to the keyword of the query and give a list of web pages whose He selects the meta description written in web pages. This whole process is called matching.
It was a small introduction of SEO in which you can understand how an SEO deals with the user's query but the whole process is robotic for which some algorithms are used and any search engine keeps changing its algorithm. Huh.
So far, we have told how search engines deal with a user's query, but if you are a blogger and want to see your site at the top, then you have to follow some strategy.
How is SEO done
Search engines do not easily and quickly get into the top ten for this, it takes time for this. The site should be about 6 months old and its crawling, indexing, and the matching process should be done properly for which you should follow the following rules.
Site Speed:
The better the speed of the site, the faster it works, for this, the framework is best to use it. Firstly people used to use blog posts but then came to WordPress which brought good results and now the latest framework Genesis Word Press Genesis WordPress has come, whose speed is much better and the results are also many times better, so you can also use Genesis WordPress. To get this, click this link.

Select writing area:
A good area for writing lime which is also interested in you and is read by viewers, you will learn it gradually. Try to choose a topic that you can help someone because such topics are searched a lot.
Just like you chose the area, the news related to fitness.

Create URL:
URLs are the most important only because your page is crawling, so choose it carefully and put your keywords in the URL.
Now find a small word in the selected area like in the news related to fitness, in today's time, to lose weight more searches are done, so your keyword will be to lose weight. This is how you chose your keyword.
Keyword used:

Use keywords multiple times in your data but not too much. It is because of keywords that search engines understand which topic this page is on because I have already mentioned that search engine optimization is a robotic process that does not have human sense. So keywords and URLs are made with much thought.
Keyword placements in data

URL should be in keywords.
Keywords are in title and subtitle.
Keywords are in the name of the image.
Keywords are in the Meta description.
Blog Length:
Do not skimp in writing a blog. The more detail you write, the better. Keep in mind the following things in the blog.
Create all the titles in the blog.
Say your point in points.
Use good language, simple language to explain things easily.

Create Heading:
Make all headings inside the data, so that you will say your details in detail and it will be easy for the readers to read. Write all the headings in different colors. Bold and italicize the headings and the important words. Try to insert keywords in the subheadings as well.
Enter a link to related pages:
Put a link to your own site on your page, this allows the site to connect internally, which helps in crawling. And search engines have ease in indexing the page.
This process is called grouping.
Create external link:
Put a popular site link on your site but only the related link will be beneficial in the related content.
Create Backlink
For putting your site's URL on another good site, you can request them or comment in their comment box and enter the URL of your page, this is called Backlink.
Increase comments:
The more comments you get in your post, the more success you will get, so write such posts so that the readers are forced to comment.
Connect with the social website:
Make your site page on social websites like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus etc. This is the most direct, easy and inexpensive way to promote a site because regular readers are more likely to get it from the social website.
Maintain regularity:
Make a strategy of how many Bolg posts will be posted on the site in the month and work according to it because it affects the ranking of the site, even if you put an article in one or two to three days, but whatever you decide Must do.

Update data:
Periodically update the old blog and add new data to it.
Meta Description:
Write a meta description of your blog in which the summary of your blog should be written in about 150 words. This makes SEO easier to match.
Meta Keywords:
Insert important keywords and synonyms of your blog into meta keywords.

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