It is "rehabilitation of mind and body" performed by an occupational therapist. For those who have "difficulty in life" due to illness or disability, activities related to life such as sports, singing, fun activities of creative activities, cooking, field work, etc. are used to regain a more personal life.

Occupational therapy focuses on all aspects of daily life, including work. It is an important area of ​​focus. Complaints during work can have far-reaching consequences: from not functioning optimally and imminent failure to short or long-term absenteeism. 

Occupational therapy for employee

Loss of work has a major impact on people. Those who are forced to sit at home can fall into a hole due to the lack of a fixed rhythm and social contacts. And the longer someone is on the sidelines, the harder it is to turn back. To prevent this, it is important to act on time.

The occupational therapist helps people in all kinds of phases. Preventive (including through workshops and group training) and treatment, with the aim of being able to return to work as quickly as possible. And to stay! The type of patients is very varied.

This concerns employees with, for example, MS, rheumatism, a spinal cord injury, (starting) CANS, back problems, stress, depression and so on. They work in the office, behind a counter, in healthcare, at a daycare center, in the cleaning industry and in production. Many companies doing occupational therapy in Denver for the improvement of their employs health.

Benefits of Occupational therapy: proven effective

Occupational therapy for work-related complaints has been proven effective. Occupational therapy accelerates return to work and helps people, from a holistic view, to find the right balance between personal capacities, the roles in their lives and the demands of work. Occupational therapy plays a unique role in guiding clients to return to work. It is one of the few disciplines that understands the relationship between the employee's medical condition, psychosocial status and work.

Ways of Occupational Therapy for employees

Occupational therapy is treated with the following purposes according to the problems that each patient has.

1. Assistance for stability

Change your mood by having fun

Build confidence

Stress release

Maintenance and improvement of healthy mental and physical functions, etc.

2. Assistance for interpersonal relationships

Experience the joy of interacting with people

Cultivate sociality

Smooth interpersonal relationships, etc.

3. Assistance for daily life

Adjust your life rhythm

Maintenance / improvement of physical strength / activity

Enrichment of leisure time

Take enough rest, etc.

4. Assistance for rehabilitation

Housework exercise training

Pre-vocational training, etc.

 Therapeutic effect of occupational therapy on employees

  • The rhythm of life comes in place, such as being active during the day and getting a good night's sleep.
  • If I was doing what I liked, I was able to change my mood and relieve my stress.
  • I was able to do more things little by little, which gave me confidence.
  • We got excited about common topics with people who participated in the same activity, and became friends ... etc.
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