There are so many dangers waiting for your computer while browsing the internet. This is why there are internet security services that provide security for your computers. Why do you need a firewall? And how does it work? Firewalls, often used in a large company requiring internet access. If you have a fast internet connection like a DSL connection, you will need a firewall to defend your company or your family from aggressive sites and possible hackers.

A firewall is a barrier to prevent destructive capabilities and threats away from your PC as well as your privacy. That is why it was called a firewall. Its function is similar to a real firewall that prevents fire from flowing from one area to another. A firewall is a program that separates unwanted connections that enter your connection. Flagged packets are not allowed to enter your system. For example, a company with 400 computer units that are being used by 400 employees can access the Internet and undesired sites to protect their company and these computers, which you must establish firewalls into your system. By having a firewall, only one person will be able to access the Internet directly and you are doing so for security purposes. A firewall controls Internet usage from your network.

What methods does a firewall adopt to control the flow of unnecessary information through its system?

First, packet filtering, small amounts of data on a set of filters are being investigated. The packets we can create will be sent to request to enter the system while the others will be terminated. While the proxy service will be retrieved by the firewall and then sent to the request system and so on. Stateful is inspecting and comparing information passing through the inspection system. It checks whether the information entered is the same at trusted sites. If the information being entered does not match the trusted sites, the information will be terminated from the system.

Two-way - Third-party firewall software prevents all threats to your system, most likely if your system was infected with viruses such as Trojans or spyware, it sends threats to your outgoing system. There is also a hardware firewall, this firewall is a small box that is included with the modem and is based on network address translation that hides your computer from "stateful packet inspection" for additional information.

If you want to use one firewall, it is suggested not to use two firewalls at the same time. To prevent compatibility issues, if you want to change your firewall, you must uninstall the other one. You can choose from various firewall options. Microsoft is a Windows firewall, this firewall is designed for Windows 7, Vista and XP service pack operating systems that automatically prevent threats from the Internet.

Remember, whatever firewall you use, it will ensure that you keep it updated to update, especially with the latest versions of threats.

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