How does a woman attract amazing men who will give them what she wants: love, commitment, adoration?

By being a happy, independent, secure and self-confident woman. Your looks will get you in the door but to keep a man attracted to you for the long haul, you have to have those inner qualities.

Before you can have a great relationship with anyone, you need to have a great relationship with yourself. Relationship won't fulfill you when you are not fulfilled being single. A happy relationship consists of two happy people. Happiness is about self-mastery, not any external factor. The ability to shift focus & see things from a more empowering perspective is the hallmark of self-mastery.

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Why do women often get insecure in relationship? We will understand the dynamics between the two sexes when we understand what motivates them. Understanding each other's basic needs is paramount to any relationship's longevity.

Testosterone is about freedom pursuing one's goals. Estrogen is about relationship and bonding. Men produce about 10 times testosterone than we do. Women can't relate to men's fear of losing their freedom as men can't relate to our inherent needs for security.

A man's basic need and quest for freedom is often the main source of our insecurity: thinking if he has too much of it he will abandon us. The opposite is true. Try to restrict his freedom, he will disappear in no time (you might want to know other reasons why he's pulling away) .

When a woman desperately wants commitment from a guy, she usually ends up being the very reason why he fears commitment in the first place. Convincing, nagging, withdrawing love, getting upset/angry won't get you closer to what you want. But working on your attraction level and connection with him would capture his heart ( so implement seven traits that a high-value woman possesses.)

Men are like pigeons, if you just relax and sit back, they'll come flocking eating out of your hand. Try to catch them, they're gone in split second.

Beware that the number one thing that is a major turn-off for a man -and universal across the board- is in how he detests a woman's penchant for trying to change him or nagging him into doing things that she wants. It is a major offense that runs counter his basic need of being respected that will destroy any relationship over time.

Most men have been in that situation more times than they remember. Don't marry a man for his potential, because what you see is what you get.

Love him for who he is RIGHT NOW, or dump him and find someone who better fits your expectation of an ideal partner.

If you heed this advice and moving toward unwavering self-confidence and total acceptance of him, he will worship the ground you walk on. That's the secret of your feminine magnetism that any man wants and needs in their life.

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