If you’re curious about what EzyCourse is, then you’ve landed in the right spot.

EzyCourse is one of the pioneer all-in-one online platforms designed for creating and selling online courses. With its establishment dating back to 2019, EzyCourse stands out as a prominent figure in the online course platform industry.

Especially, the platform is renowned for its dedicated support team and thriving community with a substantial fan base. Our rankings place EzyCourse as the #1 overall platform for course creators.

What Can You Achieve With EzyCourse?

EzyCourse offers a comprehensive set of tools that empower you to seamlessly manage various aspects of your online courses, communities, or any type of site. It comes to be an all-in-one solution.

Here’s a glimpse into what you can accomplish with EzyCourse:

  • Design and host courses
  • Build interactive communities
  • Sell membership sites
  • Host live classes
  • Send and automate email campaigns
  • Generate leads
  • Offer chat options
  • Manage payments easily
  • Set 6 different pricing options to sell courses
  • Offer certificates to your students
  • Establish affiliate programs
  • Create 1-Click Upsell/Downsell
  • Build any type of website
  • Create pages from 250+ amazing pre-made templates
  • Create a marketing funnel
  • Establish a blog
  • Access the code editor
  • Mobile App
  • Android TV App
  • And many more

EzyCourse Features in Details

Let’s explore some of the intuitive features in detail:

EzyCourse Online Courses

EzyCourse excels in its online course builder, offering diverse customization options for the course experience and design. It provides various themes tailored to different digital course styles (publisher, self-paced, dripped, membership, etc.).

EzyCourse Memberships

You can monetize courses, communities, and any products on your platform! An online creator can create long-term earning options with smart pricing, flexibility, and unparalleled freedom to include anything you desire.

EzyCourse Page & Funnel Builder

EzyCourse consistently updates and enhances its page editor, ensuring an intuitive front-end building experience. The responsive design, preset templates, and customizable elements enable you to create conversion-optimized pages with ease.

Sell Digital/Physical Products

This feature offers you dynamic selling options. With EzyCourse, you can showcase and sell a multitude of digital and physical treasures. The course platform embraces a wide range of options to sell, whether it’s stylish T-shirts or downloadable ebooks.

Email Marketing with EzyCourse

EzyCourse’s email system handles campaigns for lists of varying sizes. While not as advanced as a dedicated CRM like Active Campaign, EzyCourse’s system is robust for 95% of course creators. The platform provides flexibility for different email marketing needs.

You can send bulk emails to your customers. Plus, there are options to send white-label transactional emails with EzyCourse.

Seamless Appointment Management

You will get the ultimate solution for managing appointments and taking control of your schedule. If you use EzyCourse, you won’t need any third-party hassle! You can create, manage, and accept payments with no effort at all right from your EzyCourse dashboard.

EzyCourse Checkout & Affiliate System

EzyCourse simplifies checkout creation through its Offer system. Offers, distinct from course content (Products), are unlimited, enabling flexible pricing options. The checkout design, though somewhat limited, prioritizes conversion optimization. Notably, EzyCourse supports 1-click Upsells and Downsells, facilitating post-checkout offers to enhance customer value.

Build Facebook-like Community on EzyCourse

EzyCourse elevated its Community feature. This platform integration enables users to create channels, host events, and foster engagement seamlessly. The gamification elements, mobile app support, and enhanced community features contribute to a vibrant user experience.

EzyCourse Interactive Chats

With EzyCourse, you can enjoy the power of a distraction-free learning engagement platform. Using the EzyCourse Chats, you can enable group discussions for shared knowledge. So, go and create chats, monetize chats, and effortlessly earn on the platform.

EzyCourse Mobile App

EzyCourse was among one of the LMS to launch a mobile app. While the app is primarily designed for student use, users can manage sales, opt-ins, and contacts through the EzyCourse mobile app. A branded app option is available at an additional cost of $129/m.

EzyCourse Android TV App

EzyCourse is the first online course platform with an Android TV app. EzyCourse Android TV App enhances the learning experience, making your courses accessible on any device. It will make your video-based lessons more captivating on the big screen.

EzyCourse Blog

Unlike many online course platforms, EzyCourse empowers users to create a blog for content marketing. The ‘Blog’ page and post creation functionality parallel WordPress, providing course creators with a valuable tool for SEO and content visibility.

EzyCourse Easy Form Builder

Tailor dynamic forms seamlessly and witness the magic of drag-and-drop layout customization. With mobile responsiveness and versatile settings, simplify data handling and capture insights effortlessly. Transform your forms into a powerful tool with EzyCourse.

EzyCourse Gamification

With this feature, you can transform your courses into engaging journeys, motivating students with points, badges, and motivational popups. Gamification lets a course creator to enter the world of fun, rewards, and motivation!

EzyCourse Events Management

EzyCouese lets you schedule, customize, and host events effortlessly. Whether virtual or in-person, paid or free, EzyCourse puts the power of event creation and management at ease. Therefore, you can maximize engagement with flexible options and seamless registration control.

Who Can Use EzyCourse and Will It Work For?

EzyCourse is designed for individuals with diverse skill sets. Whether you’re a digital course creator, online teacher, coach, blogger, business consultant, or product owner looking to provide tutorials, EzyCourse is for you.

It empowers course creators worldwide, reaching learners in 164 countries. The platform is versatile and supportive of various content creators, making it a valuable tool for anyone with a desire to share their expertise:

  • Digital Course Creators
  • Online Teachers
  • Online Coaches
  • Bloggers
  • Business Consultants
  • Product Owners Providing Tutorials on Their Products

LMS User Experience: Is EzyCourse Easy To Use?

EzyCourse excels in user experience, emphasizing a minimalist design for both back-end and front-end interfaces. The out-of-the-box student experience is streamlined and aesthetically pleasing. The high degree of flexibility allows users to influence customer flow and customize journeys.

The platform’s user-friendly nature extends to ease of use, complemented by extensive documentation and a rich library for both platform navigation and course marketing. EzyCourse University serves as a valuable resource for learning the intricacies of the platform.

There’s no denying that EzyCourse sets a benchmark for user experience, standing out as a platform with unparalleled ease of use.

Pricing: How Much Is EzyCourse?

EzyCourse offers four main plans:

  • Basic
  • Pro
  • Unlimited
  • Elite

You can start exploring the online course platform with a free sign-up. There are different pricing plans. EzyCourse Basic plan starts at $31/month which is suitable for personal course creators. To get more professional functionalities, you have to go for the Pro plan at $79/month. EzyCourse offers flexible pricing options that are suitable for both beginners and established course creators.

While positioned at the higher end of the cost scale, EzyCourse’s comprehensive feature set justifies the investment, especially for those planning to utilize the platform extensively. Starting from scratch and intending to leverage the full range of features makes EzyCourse a worthwhile and sustainable investment. Thus, EzyCourse stands out as one of the best budget-friendly online course platforms in 2024. Let’s check another interesting option EzyCourse kept for you.

Savings with EzyCourse Grow Together Plan

  • EzyCourse caters to online creators on a tight budget with its super budget-friendly pricing plan, the EzyCourse Grow Together plan.
  • The basic plan kicks off at just $21/month, offering unlimited courses, custom pages, and access to two communities.
  • EzyCourse Pro, originally priced at $99/month, is now available in the Grow Together plan for only $59/month. While the plan incurs a 5% commission fee per sale, it’s a manageable cost for those with budget constraints.
  • Starting with fees is a small investment compared to not starting at all. Right?

Let’s know how much you can save in the Grow Together plan.

EzyCourse Support & Community

EzyCourse boasts responsive customer support, offering live chat assistance with knowledgeable and friendly support agents. Extensive documentation covers a wide range of topics and is regularly updated, providing users with a valuable self-help resource.

For additional support and community engagement, users can join the EzyCourse Community, referred to as EzyCourse Heroes. This active Facebook group, comprising over 1000 members, serves as an invaluable platform for seeking advice, connecting with experts, and sharing experiences.

EzyCourse prioritizes its clients, evident in its community-centric approach. The platform rewards users with personal gifts and incentives, fostering a sense of celebration for revenue milestones.

In summary, the EzyCourse community stands out as one of the most passionate and supportive in the course creation industry, ensuring users never feel alone on their journey with EzyCourse!

Final Words

I trust that this article has provided you with the information you Ire seeking about EzyCourse. To sum up, I covered what EzyCourse is, delved into its pros and cons, and explained how to set up a free account. Additionally, I explored the functionalities of EzyCourse, such as course and website creation, its user base, and how it can contribute to your goals.

EzyCourse stands out as a comprehensive platform, offering complete control over your online courses from inception to delivery. The interactive learning environment is enhanced with features like quiz building and lesson scheduling tools.

Moreover, EzyCourse allows you the flexibility to customize your course site to meet your student’s needs and showcase your brand with flair. I’m confident that EzyCourse will ignite your inspiration to develop online courses, enabling you to share your skills and experiences with students worldwide.


Author's Bio: 

Daniel Brain is an eLearning specialist and LMS Expert