A well-balanced emotional health and well-being is the positive condition of feeling emotionally strong and able to tackle the many challenges in our daily life. Every man, woman, boy and girl has at times felt the struggle in maintaining a good positive emotional well-being. There are many external and internal conditions that can affect our emotional well-being, which can fluctuate between happiness and joy to sadness and despair, every month, week, day and hour. How we handle these internal and external forces will determine our emotional resilience and affect the quality of our existence.

Recognizing an Unhealthy Emotional State

Just like we deal with our physical health by eating right, exercising and taking care of our body, so too do we need to make sure that we effectively manage our mental health. Certain mental health issues, such as worry, depression, addiction, bipolar disorders, anger, stress and anxiety can wreak havoc on our mental acuity, our decision-making process and how we handle the situations that appear in our life each day.

Taking Control of Our Emotions

Maintaining an emotionally healthy state requires us to manage our everyday issues including altering our bad habits, keeping and maintaining friendships, working on our personal intimate relationships, dealing with good and bad stress along with expressing our individual creativity. Any action we take to promote healthy emotions has a direct positive impact on the quality of our physical health, and how well we age. Taking the time and energy needed to nurture both our physical and mental health can improve the quality of our life, to live a more happy and joyous day-to-day experience.

Achieving Optimal Emotional Health

Understanding how to optimize our emotional health means that we need to pay attention to the overall level of our happiness and well-being. It means maintaining the control over our emotional feelings and deepest thoughts. Individuals who have a healthy emotional and mental health are extremely resilient when facing many of life's challenges. They are people that have found a way to express their individual creativity and the way that they positively connect socially to others.

The Power of Positivity

Certainly one of the most important tools for maintaining optimal emotional health is the power of staying positive. Positivity differs from optimism in that thinking positive in the face of all situations can be used as a tool to effectively manage the health of our emotions. Optimism sometimes places responsibility away from ourselves, and takes away the control we need to manage our mental health.

Everyone meets challenges in life that tests exactly how emotionally healthy they are. Even faced with the impossible, we have the ability to maintain positive emotions in finding contentment with the past, understanding the happiness we can find around us and hope in the future. Recognizing the positive traits we have within us including resilience, curiosity, integrity, compassion, knowledge, creativity and most importantly, encourage, will help us stay focused on maintaining quality emotional health.

In your search for "what is emotional health?" it is important to seek the evidence of happiness that exists inside yourself, and the ability to effectively manage and nurture your well-being. Once you begin to focus on the joys in your life, your emotional health will naturally heal.

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