In this busy world today women used to get married in age of 30 after setting up the future with secure carrier. This thing only impact on conceiving baby which may create an issue in their married life. To avoid such problem in married life the only way recommend is Egg freezing or oocyte cryopreservation.

Oocyte cryopreservation is the technique in which your eggs from the ovaries are harvested and are unfertilized frozen and stored for further use. Egg freezing is an better option for today’s women who are not ready to get pregnant at early age.

Why to consider egg freezing?

1. When you wish to preserver younger eggs - The very most common reason for egg preservation is to not getting pregnant at early age. As we all in today busy world not only women but also men’s prefer to have baby when they both are perfectly developed.

2. When you require treatments for other illness - Disease like cancer and other needs proper long treatments so to not deal with any other complications during pregnancy they can use the technique of egg freezing.

3. When you are undergoing invitro fertilization – Although along with IVF some couples prefer for egg freezing and embryo freezing for their ethical issue.

4. When you have some fertility issues – Some females due to irregular menstrual flow, thyroid and other medical issue which may affect their pregnancy in future. To avoid this issue of pregnancy many couple prefer egg freezing.

After knowing why to consider egg freezing let us know how you prepare?

First of all to prepare yourself for egg freezing consult best doctor who will guide you both positive and negative for the treatment. Expertise in this field are know as reproductive endocrinologist. Always consult a clinic which have high success rate along with best knowledgeable doctors.

Before moving with the procedure your doctor will surely go through medical history with focusing on fertility. The doctor will check your menstrual flow, medical history of your family, other disease which may affect your pregnancy. Usually a women ovaries release one egg per month which may decrease the chance of pregnancy. In order to maximising the egg production by ovaries, the women undergo hormone treatment which will stimulate the production of eggs. Treatment with hormone is mostly done one to three times a day. We all know that taking birth control pills will not be beneficial for body but in case of egg freezing many females intake birth control pills for at least one month so that the natural cycle will suppress and it will effective on hormone. For the hormone treatment you doctor may suggest you 3 injection that are as follow –

1. FSH and LH Follicle stimulating hormone and Luteinizing hormone
2. HCG human chorionic gonadotropin
3. GnRH gonadotropin releasing hormone

All above three injection will increase the procedure of ovulation and helps in forming mire eggs which further help you for egg freezing procedure. Doctor may ask you for regular blood test to check whether hormone treatment is effective on your body or not.

Procedure for egg freezing - People have curiosity to know how doctor will undergo the process of egg freezing. To solve this question that how egg freezing take place here is some lines which will help you to understand the procedure clearly. The process of egg freezing is preformed in 3 steps these are –

1. Ovarian stimulation
2. Egg retrieval
3. Egg freezing

Let us through some lights on these three step

1. Ovarian stimulation – This is the very first step in the process of egg freezing this step include that patient will take synthetic hormone to stimulate eggs production. As we had already discussed above that you doctor will ask you for hormone treatment via injections.

2. Egg retrieval - Egg retrieval is the second process before freezing of eggs. The process in preformed in clinic under the expertise. This process include an transvaginal ultrasound, during which an ultrasound probe is inserted into female’s vagina to identify the egg follicles. After this the needle is guided through the vagina to determine the follicles. Along with needle a suction device os connected which help doctor to remove egg form the follicles. Multiple eggs are removed from the follicles to have best result for pregnancy.

3. Egg freezing - Just after the removal of egg from follicles, the eggs are stored at cool temperature for their further use. The process of storing egg at cool temperature for further use is called to be egg freezing process.

After the procedure –

Some females may feel various symptoms after the process of egg freezing which is quite normal in every case . The symptoms you may feel are –

1. High Fever
2. Cramps in stomach
3. Severe pain in abdomen area
4. Weight gain
5. Urination problem
6. Heavy blood flow

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