Since ancient times, ทำตาสองชั้น have been the standard for evaluating beautiful eyes. However, there are many cases where customers wonder what double eyelids are? How to own the most beautiful double eyelids? All questions from customers will be answered enthusiastically through the following article.

What is double eyelid?

We all know that the eyelid is the tissue and muscle above the eye. Accordingly, this part of tissue can pull up or down according to the direction of the nerve organ. If we consider the eyes as the window to the soul, the eyelids are the door of this window.

Double eyelids are eyes with clear eyelid lines, creating big and sparkling eyes. Most people with double eyelid structure have an attractive face with a natural look. As a result, the facial structure is much more youthful and delicate.

Today, double eyelids are considered the standard of modern beauty. However, not everyone is born with beautiful eyes. Many cases of drooping eyelids, eyelids are not clear, and there is a lot of excess skin and fat. To improve these problems, we need to learn the appropriate cosmetic method.

The principle of double eyelid surgery is not known to everyone

Although it is considered a simple and quite easy minor surgery, Korean eyelid surgery if not followed important principles will appear bad complications. Accordingly, in order to cut Korean eyelids properly, it is necessary to strictly follow important principles such as:

+ Do not abuse excess skin and excess fat because it will make the eye socket deeper and coarser

+ Gently, properly and effectively invasive eyelid surgery to get the most natural beauty after cosmetic surgery

+ Does not affect the eyes during cosmetic procedures

+ Limit cutting eyelids too thick because it can make eyes after fake plastic surgery.

+ Do not sew and squeeze the levator muscle too tight, it will make the eyes roll back

+ The impact of cutting off the levator muscle will cause tired eyes.

+ Do not rush to repair damaged eyes when there is not enough time for cosmetic surgery

+ Choose a safe and beautiful double eyelid surgery place to perform

If properly and sufficiently adhered to the given aesthetic principles, customers will surely own beautiful eyes as they desire.

Application of cosmetic methods to make 1 eyelid into 2 eyelids

Solutions such as make-up, using serum, ... are only temporary, in addition, the aesthetic effect is not too high.

Therefore, if you want to own beautiful and sustainable eyelid folds over time, you can refer to one of the following cosmetic technologies:

1. Pressing eyelids only creates 2 eyelids

Eyelid press is just a relatively simple, non-invasive eyelid shaping technique. Therefore, this service is causing a "fever" in the community of beauty believers.

However, the minus point of this technology is that it is only suitable for people under the age of 30, the skin around the eyes is less aging

At lovely eye clinic A every year, thousands of women come to perform double eyelid surgery and 100% are satisfied with the results.

This technique is done relatively simply, just threading into the fixed points to create eyelid folds, no need to cut incisions. You will get double eyelids in just 30-45 minutes without any pain.

2. Permanent double eyelids

Unlike the technique of threading eyelids, eyelid surgery is a technology to create permanent eyelid folds and is suitable for most subjects.

Even women with severe aging in the eye area such as sagging eyelids, wrinkles, drooping eyelids, ... can use this method to overcome all the above defects.

At lovely eye clinic, all eyelid surgeries are performed directly by the leading eye specialists in Vietnam with excellent technique.

By directly affecting the eyelid skin structure and removing all defects, the newly created eyelid folds can be kept for 8-10 years.

This is the most effective solution for girls who want to have "sustainable" double eyelids over time without having to undergo many surgeries.

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