The corrugated plastic boxes are made of corrugated plalastic boards. It has the same appearance as ordinary corrugated boxes. The main materials are polypropylene and polyethylene. You can customize a variety of corrugated plastic boxes, mainly in factories, transportation logistics, products packaging. Used in the packaging industry to protect products from damage.

The corrugated plastic box is directly welded and cut using corrugated plastic boards with a thickness of 5 mm or more, and has no tube skeleton, and has a compact structure. Corrugated plastic boxes are more expensive than cartons, but the number of recycling cycles is five times that of cartons.

Different corrugated plastic boxes in different countries are called differently. For example, they are called coroplast boxes in North America, corflute boxes in Australia, and other pp corrugated boxes, correx box, plastic corrugated box and polypropylene hollow boxes. Coroplast box can be divided into the corrugated plastic carton, corflute skeleton box, correx turnover box, fruit box and pet box.

The carton-shaped corrugated plastic box is a kind of corrugated plastic boxes, which is divided into carton-shape coroplast boxes and corflute skeleton boxes.
Corrugated plastic boxes is a box with the superior performance made of coroplast boards. It is durable and has good safety performance to meet the needs of different industries, especially the first choice for warehouse storage.

Corrugated plastic boxes are the development trend of the current packaging industry. Due to the price factor of the correx board material itself, its price is not high. The main plastic parts of the box (such as the connection between pipe and pipe, plastic parts, moving parts of the turnover box, etc.) Use quality engineering plastics. Corrugated plastic boxes have high toughness, impact resistance, resistance to distortion, wear resistance, freeze resistance, light fastness, and aging, resulting in long life.

The unique process of making the corrugated plastic box mainframe profile is fixed by the screw of the plastic parts, which adopts the invisible design to improve the appearance of the box. The connection between the profile and the plastic parts adopts the processes of punching, pressing and drilling to make the turnover box structure. Strong, no solder joints. The latest cross-connect design: the cross tube is made of special technology and is equipped with a super-bike A wear-resistant sleeve. The tight combination with the round tube not only makes the box structure firmer but also ensures smoother operation.

The corflute box has the characteristics of non-toxic, environmental protection, moisture-proof, corrosion-resistant, light material, easy to process, toughness, tensile strength and tear strength. The plastic corrugated board produced by the correx manufacturer has a width of 2300mm, a thickness of 2-12mm, an unlimited length, and any color. And according to customer requirements, produce a variety of anti-static, conductive, flame-retardant corrugated plastic boxes.
Corrugated plastic boxes are widely used in hardware, electronic parts, precision machinery, food, clothing, postal, auto parts, refrigerator backboard, refrigerator insulation, frozen food, medicine, sugar, etc.

Coroplast bottle holder, also known as correx holder, is widely used for packaging and transportation of glass bottles. It has the characteristics of protecting the bottle, preventing damage and convenient transportation. The product is non-toxic, non-polluting, waterproof, moisture-proof, and shock-proof. Compared with traditional cardboard and wood, it is easy to use and easy to store. It has high social and economic value.
Compared with the carton, the corrugated box is afraid of moisture and perishable. Most of the glass bottles are filled with liquid. In the transportation process, the glass bottle is easy to be broken due to poor shock resistance of the cardboard, and the cardboard is not waterproof. Although the price is cheap, it cannot be To ensure the quality of the transportation of the product, it is also possible to increase the cost, so it can only be used once, and the corrugated plastic box solves the disadvantages of the carton. The corrugated plastic boxes can be used repeatedly and have a long service life. After the damage, the manufacturer can also recycle and regenerate, which not only plays an environmental role but also reduces the cost.

Compared with wooden boxes: wooden boxes have poor toughness and high price. In the process of packing, the edges and corners are easy to puncture the packaged items, while the corrugated plastic boxes can be customized according to customer requirements for size, thickness, toughness, hardness, etc.

PP corrugated boxes are the new type of plastic material that is extruded at high temperature. By adding a color master, different colors can be produced. The corrugated plastic box is composed of upper and lower plates, with a standing support and connection in the middle, and a hollow is formed between the stand and the root. The height of the stand is determined by the thickness of the sheet, and the thickness of the hollow sheet after molding is generally 2 mm to 12 mm.

The corrugated plastic box is a new type of environmentally-friendly packaging material. It will not generate dust during use and has a long service life. It is 4-10 times longer than the life of the corrugated board. It can be recycled and has a tendency to gradually replace the carton. On the product packaging. In addition, because the hollow board box is light in weight, good in toughness, flexible in size, and relatively low in cost, the plastic turnover box equipped with various accessories has the momentum to replace the injection box.

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Corrugated plastic boxes are now researching and developing more high-quality, environmentally-friendly and energy-saving products to improve human life, and strive to create a technology-based enterprise integrating production, R&D and manufacturing. And look forward to being your excellent partner to create a better tomorrow.

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