If you’re about to buy Black Gold hash, you are in for a treat. This is top-tier royal hash, the best of the best, fit for even the most particular of cannabis users. From sight to smell, high to comedown, it genuinely earns its AAAA+ grade.

So, what is so special about Black Gold Hash, you may ask? The answer is: everything. From the production to the high, this hash has it all. The plants used, the hand-processing, and all the care given during each step make this hash a cut above the rest.

What is Black Gold Hash Made From?

Black Gold hash is considered an Afghani hash. Cannabis plants from the Afghan region are renowned for their potency and hardiness, as the climate there is ideal for growing. In fact, some botanists believe cannabis originated in the area now known as Afghanistan.

There doesn’t appear to be one particular strain used for the production of Black Gold hash. When you buy Black Gold hash, it is probably made from a mixture of hardy outdoor indica plants. Even though marijuana has been illegalized in Afghanistan, they are still the world's largest producer.

Afghani hash is very popular worldwide, if somewhat more expensive than hash of other origins. Black Gold hash itself, however, is made in Pakistan (from Afghani bud), where its production is a staple of the local economy.

How is Black Gold Hash Made?

Hash is made in one of two ways: either hand-rolled or pressed. Hand-rolled hash is literally rubbed off the buds by hand, then scraped off and rolled into a sticky ball. It is a traditional, though less efficient, way to make hash.

Pressed hash is made by collecting the crystals from harvested buds. Sometimes the buds are frozen to make the trichomes (crystals) more brittle. Then they will snap off easily to be collected in quantity. The crystals are then placed in a mould and pressed with a mechanical crank into a dense brick shape. This can also be done by hand or with a vice grip-type apparatus.

Black Gold hash is made in much the same way as any other hash. It is pressed by hand, often with the addition of water or tea to give it a smooth, dense finish. Producers work the hash continually until the final consistency is stretchy and soft.

This extra manipulation gives the final product the strong aroma and flavour for which it is known. It is then pressed into a desirable brick and stamped with the producer's logo to make for the most sightly Black Gold hash you can buy.

Benefits of Black Gold Hash

Due to its potency, Black Gold hash is powerful medicine, great for many things. Its sedative effects are perfect for relieving insomnia and chronic stress. It is also helpful for those suffering from muscle spasms, arthritis, or general chronic pain.

There are many ways to incorporate hash into your cannabis program: crumble into bits to add to a joint, smoke from a pipe or a bong, and so on. Check out our blog post on How to Smoke Hash for a few tips.

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