Anxiety is something that is very common these days, but if a person deals with it on daily basis then that’s become a severe medical disorder.

Anxiety disorder is excessive having of fear, anger, and disbelief.

These disorders completely transform how a person reflects emotions and behaves it also revolves around physical symptoms. If you have moderate level anxiety then it will not affect you worst, but if you have a higher level than your daily day to day life will be disturbed.

More than 40 million people are affected by anxiety in the United States. It is one of the most famous illnesses in the country. However, there are less than 5 million populations which receive proper medical treatment.

What Anxiety Actually is?

Unbalanced existence of tension, fear, and anger can be called anxiety.

Mostly researchers describe anxiety as "an intense emotion distinguished by feelings of tension, worry, or anger, and physical changes like higher blood pressure”.

If we will be aware of this completely then we will be more cautious about it.

When You Should Go for Treatment?

Anxiety can create lots of distraction in your life, and sometimes it needs to be treated.

When an individual faces potentially dangerous or fretting triggers, feelings of anxiety are somehow normal sometimes, but not on the daily basis.

Since the very beginning days, the impression of predators always left us in the feeling of fear, only imagining such events makes it difficult for us to eradicate our fear. Such circumstances or events leave people in the state of shivering hands, and sweaty body.

All of this causes adrenaline, basically, that is a hormone and chemical messenger available in the brain, which in turn activates these apprehensive reactions in a process called the "fight-or-flight' response. This happens with all of us and prepares us to be ready for our self-protection.

For many people, running from wild animals was the biggest state of fear. Anxiety is change as per circumstances now people are more in it because of their hectic lifestyle. There is no balance in their work and personal lives. They are prone to unhealthy lifestyle and food choices.

We all face nervous feelings before any examination or any other fearful situation. It is somehow necessary for our lives in order to survive. Sometimes we have feelings of anxiety while we are crossing the road, so in such circumstances, we see both sides of the road.

Anxiety Disorders:

In anxiety attacks, physical symptoms are like, the rapid increase in blood pressure and as well as nausea, may also evolve. Sometimes these symptoms are of an extreme level.

Researches described it that if a person is suffering from this disease it will automatically disturb their focus in their day to day lives. They will over think even about petty things.


These are some of the most famous symptoms of anxiety, elaborated under:

• The feeling of restlessness and a feeling of confusion
• Uncontrollable feelings of fear, worry, and anger
• Increased irritability for even petty issues
• It becomes harder to focus
• Difficulty in sleeping, and even sleeping for a very long period of time

These symptoms are too common to face in our daily lives that it becomes harder to understand that it is reflecting symptoms of something severe.

In this era, we all are moving very fast and we do ignore some severe symptoms because of our hectic schedules. We must be aware and cautious about these symptoms for our health. People should be aware of them even the tiniest issues for their own survival in this world.

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