What would your life be like if you trusted yourself and the Universe to deliver completely on your hopes and dreams? What would you feel like? What would you be like and act like out in the world? Would you take more risks? Be bolder? Would you follow your dreams with more determination and gusto? Trust as it relates directly to myself is an interesting, and very sensitive topic for me and maybe for you. There are so many layers to it. For me, when I think about how much I really truly trust myself to make the best decisions for me, I sometimes start to feel vulnerable and unsure instead of confident and steadfast. I am learning every day, minute by minute to trust my inner knowing, my Soul’s desires and myself. I know that I am the only one who knows what is best for my life and me. How does one get to the point of trusting that deep part of you no mater what?

As far back as I can remember, I was taught to trust others, to listen to their input and advice, to read, to seek out information, to be informed, and knowledgeable. I will ask my spirit guides and council. I believe it is important to weigh all aspects of a situation or a decision. Then, after gathering all the facts outside of myself, I will drop into my heart, and in the end I will trust my intuition. I was lucky. I was also taught to question information I’m receiving from outside myself, even it was from my parents, authority, doctors, my friends, media, teachers, and just any input that is outside of myself in general. Fortunately I grew up feeling the world is a safe place and I could count on others with just a few exceptions. In addition, I know I am always striving to improve myself, and be the best version of myself, so I have attracted those types of people into my life. Trustworthy people. But where it gets tricky is in the level of trust I have in myself, for my decisions, my creations and what I would like to manifest in my life. This is where it can get a little murky.

Real trust in yourself comes from deep in your heart, where your Soul lives. It is trusting the wise all knowing being that you are, and to remind yourself that every challenge you create is an opportunity to learn, grow, and adjust your thinking or feelings. Every opportunity to create something better for your life, that is in alignment with your heart’s desires gets you that much closer to living on purpose, grounded in your body, happy, and healthy. Trusting that you know how to manifest your desires, and trust in yourself is allowing you to receive the abundance the Universe wants to share with you. When you decide to take full responsibility for you, your life and everything in it, then you will see how this slight shift in perspective takes the blame off of others, your expectations of what other have to do or what they must provide for you absolutely alters. You start to see how you are the creator of your life, and are co-creating with others in your world and theirs. It is a beautiful dance between you, others and the Universe.

The interesting part for me, is I always believed that I trusted myself, that I knew what is best for me but it wasn’t until recently when I’ve had a few life challenges, I realized that I was out of alignment with me for sometime. I did not deeply trust my feminine self, my divinity and my heart to lead me in the right direction, to assist me in receiving my worth. I realize now, how I have to love me the most, love my body, listen to it and what it is telling me, and stop seeking outside myself what I know the answers too when I go within and really listen. I am blessed to know this. I am working on receiving my worth.

I would love to hear from you on how you trust yourself in your core or where you would like to improve? Where and how you are receiving your worth? I look forward to hearing your comments.



Author's Bio: 

Carolyn Goldfarb is a Licensed Soul Therapist®, and has received her training from Soul Therapy School® International. In her private practice, Carolyn assists individuals utilizing Soul Therapy and Past Life Regression Therapy. She has been certified by The International Association of Professional Past Life Regression Therapy & Training Institute. Carolyn works with women from all over the world to support their desire to realign their soul and life purpose, connect to their divine essence and live their true magnificence.