It's about self realization, and to come to the realization that before we can 'have' anything, we must feel it inside.

Because everything is from and through you and me, we can't give what we don't realize we have. I say realize, because the world is create from within, with the power of our minds, and when the heart and mind is congruent, or in alignment; magic happens. If there is only mind and no heart, we can forget about true happiness.

It's about awareness. Awareness about our thoughts and feelings, and awareness of the awareness behind them. Who is the thinker?

It's about trusting our intuition and inner voice, even at times when we meet resistance because we refuse to listen to the world.

It's about becoming aware of ourselves as energy, and how everything moves according to the words we speak, the thoughts we think, and by the way we chose to carry ourselves in the world.

It's about becoming aware of what we allow into our minds by the things we take in by the five senses. What are we allowing to enter our minds? And are we allowing ourselves to have an open heart..? Are we making good use of the sixth sense, or ignoring it..?

It's about making choices that empowers us, and letting go of situations and people who try to drag us down.

It's about staying true to our own standards without judging others to have the wrong ones.

It's about making the choice between fear and love, every day, and consciously make the effort to stay in the Now where fear cannot live.

It's about coming together with who we really are, to realize and remember why we wanted to come here this time around, find our joy and share it with others.

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Maria Erving is a personal development teacher and published author.

She offers distant healing and online counseling/coaching to people who feel stuck in life and wants to get clear, inspired, and move forward and UP!
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