My daughters (Emily just turned 30 (EEEKKK) and 27 years) have been bugging me for years that I needed new carpet upstairs. And they were correct. But the thing was, I wasn't ready. I wasn't ready emotionally nor financially.

It meant remodeling the master bath, the girls bath, painting and... then carpet. The very last thing.

They kept saying, "Mom, just do the carpet first and then do the bathrooms." Nope. Doesn't work that way. I think they get that now.

And starting your business and sustaining your business is the same way! Things have to be done in order.

So many of you think you need a website first. That you need to be all over Facebook and LinkedIn.

But, that is like putting the carpeting in first!

First, you need to know your Niche. You need to know who you want to work with, what are you going to do to serve them, who is your Ideal Client and all that important information. You need to have your Signature System in place. Only then do you even need to think about a website. Or even a one page landing page.

So many women put the cart before the horse. I know it's exciting to get started and you want things to begin your business now. I totally understand that.

Building an online coaching business is exciting! It's the perfect business for you, you 'women after 50′ (or any age for that matter). All you need is a phone and a computer. And, just to remind you, it does not need to be the newest, fanciest and coolest phone or computer in the world. It just needs to work.

You can work with people locally or virtually. You can work with people from around the world! I have done that and it's very exciting. Skype is amazing for face- to- face coaching.

Another wonderful thing? It's a portable business! You can work from wherever you are. Now that is not to say I want you working when you are on vacation, but that is an option. You always see (ads) of people sitting in comfy chaise lounges on the beach in their big hats and lap tops. Personally, just give me a good book. But you can do that if you want!

I have a family cottage in Ontario. I am going there again for one month this year. I can choose to work or not. But I sure like having the option.

My whole point of this article is to say, build you foundation first. Don't expect to have your business up and running in 30 days like some people say you can. I am not saying you can't... but buyer beware.

And redo your bathrooms and paint before you put in new carpet.

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