The greatest educators and philosophers have said a lot many things about the significance of lifelong learning abilities. However, the importance of it is perhaps best summed up in the words of John Dewey, the renowned American philosopher and educational reformer, who said, “Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.”

As educators, one of our ardent wishes is to see the young learners succeed both in and out of the classroom. In other words, the aim is to make sure that the skills and knowledge that they acquire before leaving the thresholds of our institution make them self-reliant in future walks of life. Also, the goal is to instill such a zeal for self-growth and improvement that the young minds of today become the leaders and mentors of tomorrow.

Since we have already established the need for lifelong learning among children, the big question now is: what does it take to groom them into lifelong learners? At Excelsior American School, one of the leading schools in Gurgaon, we have a few thoughts and ideas in this regard that we are going to share with you today. So, let’s get on with the discussion without further ado.

Creating a learning environment within and beyond the classroom

According to Lasse Leponiemi, Head of Operations at, “Learning should take place both in the classroom and in the surrounding environment. How can we be lifelong learners if learning happens only at classrooms?

And we, at cbse schools in gurgaon, firmly believe in the idea that flexibility is the essence of modern learning, whereby children can absorb the thoughts and theories within the classroom, and witness and test the practical aspects of it outside the classroom. When knowledge is thus internalized, it stays in mind for a lifetime and continues to inspire and move the young individuals.

Encouraging lifelong learning by speaking the language often

We also inspire lifelong learning by the way we approach, praise, and motivate students to do better. Carol Dweck, the revered American psychologist, synthesized it beautifully in her insightful book “Mindset: The New Psychology of Success.”

As per Dweck, “when we praise a child’s process and strategies, and tie those to the outcome, we foster a growth mindset to inspire lifelong learning.” This is why what we, at Excelsior American School, practice in our classrooms, and also encourage the parents to do, is to involve the effort and the outcome in the praise. So, let a simple “good work!” become “you worked so hard and your grades show it.”

Helping kids to turn their mistakes into opportunities

Mistakes are the pillars of success”: we have all been hearing this age-old adage from childhood. And now, as the mentors of young minds, we have a greater understanding of the truth behind this statement.

A crucial part of becoming a lifelong learner is to have the resilience to move past the hurdles and turn our flaws into fortes. And as one of the most reputed schools in Gurgaon, we believe it to be one of the prime responsibilities on our part to help children turn their mistakes into opportunities. Thus, through the varied classroom sessions and co-scholarly activities, our dedicated teachers make it a point to capture every opportunity to outline the strengths and weaknesses of the young individuals and then proceed to aid them in that regard.

Offering the necessary educational tools to excite children about learning

“Classrooms are constantly changing, based on such factors as learning needs and the subject that is being taught. Incorporating the digital world into the physical classroom is the key” – Leponiemi.

When the aim is to turn children into lifelong learners, an important aspect is to get them excited about the prospect of acquiring knowledge. And we, at Excelsior American School, believe that the modern-day educational tools are adept at ensuring that for our kids.

At Excelsior American School, we have audio-visual aids in our classrooms, along with state-of-the-art laboratories and an expansive library to ignite the desire for knowledge in the young minds.

Paying individualized attention to each curious mind in the classroom

With the aim of grooming children into lifelong learners, we have always strived to highlight a favorable teacher-student ratio in our institution. After all, inculcating the values of self-learning in each child needs personalized attention and assessment of each individual’s difficulties and interests. The impact of a low teacher-student ratio is that the teachers can address the learning needs of the children more successfully, and thus, tap into the most effective ways to develop a zeal for learning in each pupil.

Behavioral counseling to remove the hurdles in their path of growth

To shape our young budding geniuses for the present and future brilliance, we, at Excelsior American School, provide them with the much-needed guidance and support through regular life skill and behavioral counseling sessions. We offer both individual and group counseling sessions for our students throughout the academic year. The aim is to resolve varied behavioral, academic, emotional, and adolescent struggles that might act as hindrances in their path of progress.

Being the model of inspiration that serves as their guiding light

Children learn from the world around them. They are much more observant than adults and constantly learn from the steps and decisions we take. Thus, it is our duty towards them to ensure that they learn to develop a love for knowledge attainment and a relentless desire to innovate from us. At Best School in gurgaon, we comprehend this fact and thus, as one of the icse schools in gurgaon, have always strived to set the best example for our children through our policies, methodologies, and our constant efforts to keep up with the latest trends in modern education.

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We believe that once the young fledglings aptly discover the joys of lifelong learning, they will undoubtedly hold on to the unwavering enthusiasm towards attaining knowledge and skills. And as their mentors and guides, if we can inspire such a desire in their hearts and minds, we would consider our mission towards educating the future generations of the nation a success. All our multivariate tools and approaches towards holistic learning reverberate this ideal of ours. And we can assure you that our effort towards excellence in education will remain as unwavering as ever.