A report generated by The Senior List stated that even with high living costs in Hawaii, annually, Hawaii spends very little on health care. It is stated that the residents of Hawaii have the most affordable health insurance, Hawaii. On average, the people in Hawaii pay a premium of $300 monthly on their health insurance; whereas, the national average of the health insurance stands around $470 per month. This means as a Hawaiian; you save more than $2000 annually.


Even if you are from a low-income household who isn’t qualified for Medicaid, you can obtain the market place's subsidy. You start with the process by creating your profile on a government site, Healthcare.gov, and know what you are eligible for. 


Now, let’s delve deeper into knowing what your Affordable health insurance in Hawaii must cover.


1- Wellness and preventive care:

Preventive screenings like blood work as well as your annual physical checkup. You can even get benefits for chronic disease management. 


2- Ambulatory service:

As per this service, you receive hospital care even without being admitted into the hospital, such as getting treated for the disease at an urgent care facility. 


3- Hospitalization:

Hospitalization includes your overnight stay. That could be before and after the surgery or any other intensive care. 


4- Emergency service:

Your Affordable health insurance in Hawaii must also cover both the out-of-network and in-network emergency room needless of what plan you own. 


5- Mental health and substance use:

The insurance should cover both inpatient and outpatient treatment for mental health issues or behavioral health concerns. Substance abuse is also included in it. 


6- Maternity care:

All the service and treatment that you may need before and after giving the birth is included. It must also cover breastfeeding services, if any, needed. 


7- Female birth control:

If you are a woman, then your affordable health insurance should also cover any type of birth control method used for the process. 


8- Prescription drug:

The insurance must offer some or other coverage types for all your significant prescription drugs suggested by the doctor. 


Bottom line

Make a note that the benefits mentioned here are only covered by ACA-compliant long-term plans that you take from the marketplace.


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