If you want to make a difference, have a lasting unique career, consider becoming an immigration lawyer. It's a rewarding legal specialty where a layer gets to help families and other foreign citizens instead of spending a lot of time in the civil court.

Immigration Lawyers

Immigration laws are quite complex what immigration lawyer does is, interpret the law and help immigrants analyze their right and possibilities. Immigration lawyer lays out strategies and guides immigrants through the complicated procedure of immigration.

What do Immigration Lawyers do?

Being an immigration lawyer is not easy, just sitting in an air-conditioned room and getting all the work done, does not come under the immigration attorney category.

Preparing paperwork, collecting documents, filling out forms, preparing statements and testimony, submitting immigration applications, keeping an update on the status, the work of an immigration lawyer seems endless.

If an immigrant lands himself in an unpleasant situation, hiring an immigration lawyer becomes inevitable. Here's a scope of services provided by the immigration lawyers.

Applying for Citizenship

Immigration lawyers come to the rescue when applying for citizenship from another country. Immigration lawyer gathers documentation, assists with citizenship tests, getting immediate access to citizenship, court representation, and starting a business in another country.

Deportation Proceedings

If you are on the verge of deportation in the immigration court, the immigration lawyer will look for every possible avenue of relief. An immigration lawyer will prepare witnesses, take care of arcane court procedural requirements and deadlines.

If the Immigration application has been denied

Immigration lawyers are aware of legal technicalities and what it takes to approve the immigration application. If the application has been denied, an immigrant can ask the next strategy from the lawyer whether to appeal or re-apply later in the future.

Checking the Status of immigrant's application

The immigration process takes a long time. An immigrant often has to wait months to see the outcome of their submission, approved or denied. If the applicant has been waiting for too long, he can consult a Green Card Immigration lawyer to expedite the process.

An employment-based Visa

The immigration process is getting complicated with new changes being made each passing year. An immigration lawyer helps the applicant get an employment-based visa and ensures obligation fulfillment by both parties.

Applicant suffering a medical condition

An applicant with certain medical conditions is not allowed entry into different countries (mostly communicable disease). Consult the immigration lawyer to know more on the subject.

If the immigrant has committed a crime

If the immigrant has been convicted of a crime, the court proceeding may differ from the citizen. He might get deported, an immigration lawyer would be asked to present a criminal record.

There are many other situations where an immigrant needs an immigration attorney. From submitting an application to their journey of becoming a citizen of the residing country, it is quite inevitable that the individual needs a Green Card attorney.

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