With each passing year, more surgeons are specializing and are becoming more sought-after because of their expertise. Saverio La Francesca is also one of the surgeons who are renowned for their skill sets. As a cardiothoracic surgeon, La Francesca has years of expertise in this field and has also raised awareness for the number of diseases that he treats in patients of all ages.

It is also humbling to see that as a cardiothoracic surgeon, Saverio La Francesca handles a number of different diseases and conditions, some of which are also ranked among the top killers of people across the globe. The following are the diseases which a cardiothoracic surgeon helps you with:

Coronary Artery Disease – CAD

This condition arises when the arteries of the heart become restricted, damaged or affected, mostly by atherosclerosis. When diseased, the coronary artery fail in delivering nutrients to the heart. Heart diseases have been among the top diseases which are the cause of death across the world. Even in countries like the US, 1 in every 4 deaths is caused by heart diseases and heart conditions.

Heart Valve Disease – AVD

Another form of heart disease, valve diseases affect the valves of the heart, eventually causing the heart to fail. When the aortic valve is diseased, patient are also at more risk of developing aneurismal diseases of the aorta, changes in blood pressure and strokes to the brain. When the mitral valve is diseased, this disease evolves in the dilatation of the heart with its consequent failure. Valvular diseases can require heart transplants, if they are not treated in time.

Lung Cancer

Lung cancer is the second most common cancer in both men and women. In the United States only there are more than 220,000 new cases of lung cancer, according to the American Cancer Society. When the cancer is localized centrally in the main bronchus, the entire lung is removed according to the current treatment techniques.

Atrial Septal Defects

This is a condition when a person has a hole inside the walls of their heart, the ones in the upper chambers of the heart. This is a defect which needs to be corrected and is usually done with the help of invasive surgery.

Ventricular Septal Defects

This affects the vertical septal wall of the heart, usually in the lower chambers of the heart. Again, this condition is corrected through surgery but it can be difficult to detect.

Tetralogy of Fallout

The so called “baby-blue syndrome” is one of the most common complex congenital heart disease and surgical treatment is the only option.

Esophageal Cancer

Esophageal cancer is a rarer kind of cancer but still around 17,000 patients a year die because of it in the United Sates, according to the American Cancer Society.

All the above conditions are addressed by a cardiothoracic surgeon. Saverio La Francesca has long been at the forefront of technology development and innovation in order to improve the way these kind of diseases are approached and treated.

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