Have you heard of a smile makeover? Many people are considering smile makeover procedures as a way to improve the appearance of their smile, which includes the teeth and gums. There are several cosmetic dentistry procedures that can be used in the smile makeover process to enhance a person’s smile, ranging from dental restoration to tooth replacement. Read on to learn more about them.

What is a Smile Makeover?

A smile makeover is a dental treatment plan your dentist creates to improve a smile. This plan is custom-made to cater to the dental needs of a specific patient and fix their insecurities with their smile. It is made up of several cosmetic dentistry procedures, including fixing crooked or crowded teeth, white teeth, or filling in gaps.

The best candidates for a smile makeover are those without any current dental issues. Before any cosmetic dental procedure can be performed, a comprehensive dental exam should be done to ensure that the teeth and gums are healthy. If there are existing oral health problems, they should be addressed prior to the start of the treatment plan.

Reasons for a Smile Makeover

Replace missing teeth. One of the most popular ways a smile makeover can improve your appearance is by tooth replacement. Missing teeth are not exactly a good look, which can make you feel embarrassed to smile or talk. A cosmetic dentist can recommend dental bridges, implants, or dentures to replace missing teeth.
Restore decayed teeth. Decaying teeth may manifest through dark-colored spots that can also cause insecurity and embarrassment. A smile makeover usually includes several dental restoration procedures, including the installation of dental fillings, inlays, Onlays, veneers, or dental crowns, all of which can give decayed teeth a healthier and more appealing look.
Whitening stained teeth. Teeth whitening is almost always used in smile makeovers to improve the shade and appearance of the teeth. A professional teeth whitening session from a cosmetic dentist can give great results, usually leaving the teeth up to eight times lighter.
Contour misshapen gums. If a patient suffers from any kind of gum disease, they are likely to experience receded gums. Also, the gums may become discolored, resulting in a need for a smile makeover. Your cosmetic dentist can perform a procedure called gum contouring as part of the smile makeover plan. This procedure can help reshape the gums so they appear even with the gum line and the teeth.
Lengthen too short teeth. Dental veneers can be included in a smile makeover plan to lengthen teeth that are too short. Veneer placement can significantly improve the way teeth appear so they are more evenly aligned.
Straighten crooked teeth. Although quite rare, a smile makeover treatment plan can include teeth straightening. A dentist can install clear aligners to improve minor alignment imperfections with the teeth. These appliances can close small gaps and straighten crooked teeth for an improved smile.
Cover chips and cracks. Injuries and accidents happen, which can lead to a cracked or chipped tooth. These kinds of imperfections are not always detrimental, but they can affect aesthetics. Chips and cracks can be treated with veneers, dental crowns, and dental bonding, all of which can be performed in a smile makeover.

Do you think you need a smile makeover? To get started, visit a qualified cosmetic dentist in your area to get a consultation. During this process, you and your dentist can work out the best course of action for your particular case, taking into consideration the teeth and gum issues you want to be fixed. In no time, you will get that smile that you have always wanted.

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