As with drugs, and it is most important that proper use and dosage.

Some of the most popular herbs in pharmacies have their side effects that may impair health. Their description only proves once again that the most important pharmaceutical correct dose.


Enter into the composition of the five most soothing herbs. Removes anxiety, irritability, increases efficiency and helps to focus. Melissa is a mild antispasmodic. It included substance citral which I hold less-toxic action.

If you drink potions or lemon balm tea daily for 2-3 weeks may be headaches, dizziness, nasal congestion.


It has strong anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic properties, soothes stomach in gastritis and ulcers, helps to restore damaged membranes.

Overdose can cause women relax smooth muscle of the uterus, resulting in menstrual problems and complications during pregnancy.

Continued use of chamomile prevents the absorption of iron from the digestive system into the blood, which can lead to anemia due to iron deficiency.


It is a woman's herb because it reduces pain and discomfort during the menstrual cycle. Reduces muscle spasms and vascular possesses anti-hypertensive effect (lower blood pressure in hypertension), helps with stomach cramps.

Menthol contained in the plant, reducing blood pressure. So hypotensive (low blood people) should take care of mint tea and other infusions. Menthol heart slows and complicates the work of the respiratory center, which can cause deterioration of health for those suffering from asthma or bradycardia.

3 cups of mint tea a day can cause even in healthy male erection reduce the expense of a drop in pressure in the penis and the deterioration of its blood supply.


Even Hippocrates wrote that wormwood cure female diseases and stimulates appetite. On the basis of wormwood in the late 19th - early 20th century was making Absinthe (strong brandy with aromatic oils) and many people addicted to it are ill with various disorders of the nervous system - the so-called hallucinations. Wormwood epilepsy. Wormwood should not be used by pregnant women.

St. John's wort

It is perhaps the most popular natural antidepressant with sedative effect. Also removes spasms of the digestive system, has anti-inflammatory properties.

Attention! St. John's wort increases the body's sensitivity to UV rays. If you take money with this herb, it is better to refrain from prolonged sun exposure. With prolonged use (more than a month) may occur bitterness in the mouth, liver pain, constipation. If overdose causes lethargy and drowsiness.


It has astringent action helps with gallbladder problems and chronic bronchitis, increased contractile power of the uterus. Herbalists in ancient times used it as a means of inducing abortion.

Pregnant women should refrain from the use of nettle. She and contraindicated in atherosclerotic vessels, hypertension, cancer of the uterus and prostate.


It is an effective expectorant. Contain toxic substances - pyrrolizidine alkaloids that can cause venno-occlusal liver disease (inflammation associated with stagnation of blood in the body). A decoction of this herb increases the pressure in the small circle of blood circulation, which is contraindicated for people suffering from asthma and heart.



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